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The Los Angeles Lakers could see a big change in their roster this season. The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of future free agents who could potentially sign elsewhere. Their roster is full of players who could get better contracts at other franchises, and a better contract could get those LA players.

Andre Drummond and Montrezl Harrell are two big men who could leave in the offseason, as they will likely get better offers from teams looking for a center. Both will be free agents, with Harrell having a player of his choice. The Lakers have other free agents who could leave, including Alex Caruso, Talen Horton-Tucker and Dennis Schroder. Alex Caruso could leave if he gets a better deal elsewhere, while Dennis Schroeder has already turned down a contract extension. If the Los Angeles Lakers want to move further away from the cap, they could trade Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for a position that would be willing to accept his contract.

The Lakers may have some playing time this summer. The salary cap could be $112,414,200, according to the report. The Lakers’ roster will most likely include the salaries of Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma, as well as the remaining salary of Luol Deng. That’s about $95 million, leaving the Lakers about $17 million under the salary cap. Several players might decide to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers on the cheap to win a championship. Here are some possible options.

5. JJ Redick

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J.J. Redick’s shooting ability is well known in the league. Redick is one of the best catchers and hitters in the game, although he struggled last season. JJ Redick is shooting 41.5% from beyond the arc in his career, and space is always welcome with a Wizards point guard like LeBron James.

JJ Redick is starting the final stretch of his long career, and maybe he can sign with the Los Angeles Lakers and try to help them to a championship. Redick would give the Lakers someone who can consistently knock down the open shots created by their superstar offensive attraction.

4. Carmelo Anthony

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Carmelo Anthony is good friends with LeBron James. Carmelo Anthony has enjoyed a career renaissance in Portland over the past two years, and he has reinvented himself as a sixth man this season. His score could be good for the Los Angeles Lakers, and maybe they can get him a game with one of his close friends.

Carmelo Anthony is shooting 37.8% from 3-point range this season: He can be a solid complementary player on the offensive side and provide multiple shooting options when needed. If Anthony joined the Lakers, he would be on a championship team alongside the best player in the world. Carmelo Anthony could give the Lakers some competition.

3. Derrick Rose

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Derrick Rose is a former MVP who would possibly love to win a championship and add to his legacy. Derrick Rose can still play at a high level and help the team with his ability to score the ball. Derrick Rose could be a good point guard for the Lakers, maybe even a starter.

Although Derrick Rose is primarily a slasher, he has improved in recent years. This season he shot 37.0% beyond the arc. This would allow him to be a threat alongside two superstars. Derrick Rose could possibly go to Los Angeles, as he has already expressed his desire to win a championship. A trip to Los Angeles will give him a chance to do just that.

2. Mike Conley

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Mike Conley is a recent All-Star and one of the Utah Jazz’s most popular players this season. Although the Utah Jazz are No. 1 in the Coughnerance West, some have expressed doubts about the team’s ability to make the playoffs. If the Jazz go down, there’s a chance Conley leaves.

Mike Conley is a reliable and versatile point guard averaging 16.3 PPG and 5.5 APG. Conley would be a great third option behind Anthony Davis and LeBron James, while having an elite shot beyond the arc (41.4%). Conley would be an excellent choice for the Los Angeles Lakers.

1. DeMar DeRozan

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It’s entirely possible that DeMar DeRozan will leave the San Antonio Spurs in Free Agency, as they clearly prefer to develop their young talent. If that’s the case, DeMar DeRozan might decide to sign in Los Angeles because it’s a team with championship aspirations.

DeMar DeRozan is a player who could get a big contract from other fans, but he could probably get a mid-level deal to play at home in Los Angeles while fighting for a ring alongside LeBron James. DeMar DeRozan’s clout would be a perfect fit for the Los Angeles Lakers, and in today’s era of super teams, more star power is never a bad bet. DeRozan could be a solid tertiary scoring option behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis.


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frequently asked questions

Who will complete the Lakers in free agency?

The Lakers added their first two picks for the 2020 Sixth Man by signing Montrezl Harrell and acquiring Dennis Schroeder. Los Angeles also signed veterans Marc Gasol and Wesley Matthews in free agency.

Who just signed with the Lakers?

NBA teams, the A.L.L., are making deals…

Will Andre Drummond be joining the Lakers?

Andre Drummond has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers after receiving a buyout from the Cleveland Cavaliers and a waiver wire, the Lakers announced Sunday.

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