Boston Celtics is one of the two largest franchises in the history of the NBA. With 17 league names, the respect usually shown to the organization is both understandable and justified.

But even the Celts can be wrong. Such a mistake? Your visible design for the City Jersey Edition 2020-21 uniforms.

This week the uniform designs were posted online and immediately subjected to a check-up by the fans of the team.

The reaction of the fans was reckless.

In the case of city T-shirts, the person who invented the design should be sent back to

– Then Snods 15. November 2020.

Please keep them. Terrible @celtics

– Tyler Valley (@tyval15) 13. November 2020.

Well done, cat.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 15. November 2020

I’ve never seen a lazy attempt to wear a T-shirt in my life

– James (@scooter_trayvis) 12. November 2020.

You’ve reached

– Arlando (@mrbigchillin) 12. November 2020.


– ĆM (@tonymorris1212) 12. November 2020.

I refuse to believe that this is the real

– Pat Cut (@cut_pat) 12. November 2020.

Lol, that looks like a practice knitting.

– TKo (including dialectic) (@RealTKoBoston) 12. November 2020. is not possible.

– HR (@HRHoopsXO) 12. November 2020

Dwight Howard kept it a secret.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 14. November 2020

An interesting concept, but it is probably the most boring/blonde knitwear of all sports

– Ryan Salvaggio (@ryan_salvaggio) 12. November 2020.

Nah…. it looks like they’re lazy

– Gunga Lonnie Band Fan Account (@tacosoverrated2) 12. November 2020.

I understand the heritage aspect, but this time I just want an elegant or naughty t-shirt. Green should not be underestimated. #Celtics

– PrimeTime Beantown Sports (@PTBeanTown) 12 November 2020

You have to fire the person who invented these city shirts, they are like 1-4

– ☘Boston Draftpics☘ (@KGTwoThree) 12. November 2020.


– 12. Mile High Massholes (@MileHighMAHoles) November 2020

Steph forgot he was a bug.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 13. November 2020

– Viny ✈️ (@ViniB95) 12. November 2020.

Finally, the new knit, for which I’m not tempted to spend $150, is a disgusting fun

– Peter Lindholm (@peteyoself) 12. November 2020.

If this is the last project, I have to admit I will be disappointed. I would expect something more than what looks like our summer league shirts. But the top of the T-shirt makes up for that, and I have to say they look pretty clean.

– Celtic report (@celticsreport20) 12. November 2020

Of course, it has not yet been confirmed that this is a real project, but if it is, it is difficult to understand how all parties involved would not return to it after such a negative reaction.

That’s what it looks like: The Raptors are gonna trade Kyle Lowry for the Lakers?

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