You want to set up a DFS team to blow up the tournament? Don’t worry, we have your back. Take a look at some of the pieces that can help you win the Sunday division. Good luck to everyone and let’s win some money.




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Baker Mayfield (FD: $7.4K/DK: $5.2K) – The Browns shocked the league last week by beating the Steelers and putting on a great team game. Mayfield is also the man who has led this team through several games. With the leaders having an extremely powerful offense, many believe the Browns can’t keep up. I warn you, don’t look at this team and how they might score. Mayfield is the most favorable quarterback in the starting lineup, which helps a lot with DFS decisions, and he’ll easily reach his target this weekend.




Photo : Scott Galvin.

Nick Chubb (FD:8.2K/DK:6.5K) – The Browns’ plan of action will be to get the ball into the Chiefs’ defensive zone. They will try to keep Mahomes off the field, and Chubb is one of the best left backs in the playoffs. He totaled 120 yards and a touchdown.



Wide receiver

Photo : Mark J. Rebilas/USA Sports Today.

Demarcus Robinson (FD: $5.1K/DK: $3.6K) – The Chiefs will be without Sammy Watkins, so he’s the next mental guy for Sunday. Many DFS players will turn to Mecol Hardman in this game. But in these slates, you have to look for the most reliable points. Robinson will have a lot of work to do that should help him get a better score this weekend.



Tight side

Photo : PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images

Travis Kelce (FD:8.5K/DK:7.7K) – Kelce is one of the best players in blah. You want me to say more? Don’t be nice to the place this weekend. Play Kelce and watch the points come in.



#CrackUm Player of the Week

Photo : Scott Clause/United States Today

Alvin Kamara (FD: $9.0K/DK: $7.6K) – The Buccaneers defense has been one of the best in the league during the regular season. Nonetheless, they struggled to prevent the Saints’ star from returning in their head-to-head match. The number of keys expected from Kamara makes him a must-have on this slate. Even with all eyes on him, Kamara should be able to find the end zone and over 130 yards in total.

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