It’s a very strange NFL season like we’ve never had before. I hope it was at least advantageous and enjoyable for everyone. There are only a few weeks left for the regular season, so let’s finish this with a few more wins! Good luck to all DFS players and have fun at the mainlei on Sunday.


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The castle: Patrick Mahomez (FD:9.0K$/DK:8.0K$) – Mahomez returned to his MVP methods in the last three games. The game is not the best here, but this game will be the opposite battle, which will be fought in favor of the Chiefs. Now, there is no delay in the defense of the champion, so play with great confidence.

value: Derek Carr (FD:7.1K/DK:5.7K) is the perfect match for the quarterback who has a good season. Carr is a great value this week, especially considering the poor falcon protection. Since the Raiders’ hopes for the play-offs are still alive, they will do their utmost to destroy this team. Expect it to be like Carr’s actions against the leaders. It’s easy to get the value this week.


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The castle: Nick Chubb (FD:8.4K/DK:7.1K) – It will be a perfect match for the two brown laps as Jaguars have the lowest protection in the race. Now, a couple with an even worse quarterback when they got Mike Glennon ready for linebacker. This will allow the Brownes to have more offensive things. With the exception of the 25+ keys, the 125 yards and a touchdown for Chubb.

value: Matt Brada (FD:4.8K/DK:4.0K) – The dolphins are still injured this season. For the next person it will take another week. This time it will be the veteran who will be both back and quarterback. As for Brada, he hasn’t done much this season. That coincidence should help him escape. The value should be easy to determine in this game. A total of 15 touchdowns, 80 yards and one touchdown are expected.

Broadband receivers

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The castle: Tyric Hill (FD:8.6K/DK:7.8K) – Hill has scored six touchdowns in the last four games. It’s on fire, and it’s not gonna slow down this weekend. His game with the Pirates is pretty good. This season Tampa Bay is committed to protecting the stadium centre from passing game and getting a fair share of the points. This game must be a high quality company with a lot of points on the board. Expect Hill to find the end zone again this weekend.

value: Curtis Samuel (FD:$5.9K/DK:$5.4K) – Given the amount of work Samuel’s been getting in the last few weeks, how does he estimate this minimum? He now has a match against the defense in the last ten paces, so the work in this match continues. He also has to put his usual quarterback in the game. He’s got eight strokes, 90 yards and a touchdown.


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The castle: Darren Waller (FD:7.1K/DK:6.0K) – Waller is the most reliable way to get a pass for Derek Carr. It makes it easier if the Falcons are among the worst defenders of football this season. What doesn’t help them is that they are one of the worst teams against this position. Record Waller this week with a solid result of seven catches, at least 80 meters and a touchdown.

value: Jordan Reed (FD:5.0K/DK:3.6K) – 49 players have lost as many this season. There was even Reed for a few games, but since his return he has played a major role in the attack. The only question this week is if he doesn’t want to play because of an illness that prevented him from training on Friday. If he doesn’t play, take Ross Dwelly’s place!

#CrackUm player of the week

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Cole Beesley (FD:$5.4K/DK:$5.5K) – It seems that Beesley is now the second largest beneficiary of this powerful attack against Beals. It’s also due to the loss of John Brown for several weeks. This match is protected by the Chargers, who are in the middle of the competition against passing. This will be one of the highest leagues of the weekend, allowing different players to be involved. For the price Beesley has to pay this week, there could be a slight increase in house prices. This week, however, it will far exceed its value. Lock him up and make some money this weekend.

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