The last few weeks will be very interesting. So many teams are still fighting for play-off places, players are back in the infrared after a few weeks of play and much more. Stay up to date with all the news from the entire league so you can make more money every week. Good luck for week 13!


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The castle: Aaron Rodgers (FD:8.5K/DK:6.8K) – If you are looking for locks in all positions, you need someone who gets at least double the value. Well, Aaron Rogers has done it in almost every game this season. This prize is still too low for the way he played. Now he’s got the Eagle Team, which has been fighting all year. Attack Packers should also be able to win some extra goods in this game. Expect it to be almost three times as expensive this week.

value: Mitchell Pipe (FD:$6.9K/DK:$5.4K) – Yeah, you can call me crazy if you want. But it’s worth it, because it’s a good story for Mitchell Trumpet v. Lions. Trubsky has had a number of Lions in recent years, and nothing should change in this game. The bear attack hasn’t been very successful, but the lion defense is even worse. Looking back on the first week of this season there is an example of what he can do against this team. This team is in immediate victory mode and the playoffs have not yet left the game. Expect about 250 yards, three touchdowns and about 30 yards more on the ground.


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The castle: Sanders Miles (FD:7,2K/DK:6,7K) – Keep playing against the Packers. They’ve been fighting this position group all year. Miles Sanders has recently returned from an injury and still works as a star for the Eagles. However, more and more players return to Philadelphia every week, which will help relieve the pressure on others. For Sanders it will probably be a week full of momentum, with a hundred meters and at least one touchdown.

value: Devontae Booker (FD:$6.0K/DK:$5.5K) – Next person for the Raiders. They’re losing a little to the star Josh Jacobs in the back field. However, this week they came across fighter planes. We all know how bad the jets are, no matter how you look at them. This week’s value is ideal for a player with a much higher workload. He should have a total of 20 shots at about 110 yards.

Broadband receivers

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The castle: AJ Brown (FD:8.2K/DK:7.6K) – What a monstrous season for this attack by Titan AJ Brown. Brown has taken a new step this season. Now he has a game with an incredible Browns team, but in this game they will still miss a few players. Many people think that this game will be more of a demonstration game, but that may not be the case for both teams. Expect approximately 100 meters of reception, eight traps and a brown touchdown.

value: Keke Coutee (FD:4.8K/DK:3.5K) – With the loss of Will Fuller by the end of the season, the Texans will need to find more weapons if they attack. Most people will be looking for Brandon Cook, but in this tough game against the Colts, they will be looking for number two. Maybe this game isn’t very fun, but the Texan doesn’t lie down and keeps throwing the ball. Expect big growth targets for Coutee this weekend. He should end up with about seven traps, 80 yards and a touchdown.


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The castle: Dallas Goedert (FD:6.2K/DK:4.3K) – It looks like Zack Ertz is coming back this week, but it won’t make much difference to this castle. Like Miles Sanders, all these returning players only help these two players with the castle. Even when the Ertz was there, Dallas Godert showed that it could be the center of the crime. The Eagles will have to do everything they can to get back in the playoffs. The only question will be if they can still score in the game against the Packers. You have almost all the weapons you need to become an effective attacker again, and that makes the game interesting.

value: Trey Burton (FD:$5.5K/DK:$3.5K) – You never know where the Colts are going with this position. But in the last few races Trey Burton seems to have won the trust of Philip Rivers. However, in this game, where the odds are slightly higher than in this game, the Colts must pick up the collar. Looks like they’re always putting Burton near the end zone. It could be a random game with two touchdowns with a minimum number of yards.

#CrackUm player of the week

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Miles Gaskin (FD: $5.5K/DK: $5.9K) – What a perfect time for the Dolphins to return this season. The Bengalis are one of the most battered defenders of the season. The Dolphins also want to go back to their victories and maybe make the playoffs. The best way to control a match with a good, fast attack. This week Gaskin returns to his original role with others at work and gets what should be the full load. A total of 25 touchdowns, 120 yards and a touchdown are expected.

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