The NFL season is coming to an end, but it’s still open. As always, some players will come back and it will be interesting to see what effect they will have on their team. Follow every move, even on Sunday morning. This season we will keep you informed about the constant evolution of the players via Twitter. Good luck this weekend and let’s all win some money.


Figure : AP photo / Stephen Brashire

The castle: Russell Wilson (FD: 9.0K$/DK: 7.9K$) – The Seahawks fought back, but there’s no better way to get back on track than to play against the worst team in the NFL, the Jets. Some people may be scared because the sihouki may rise to a higher altitude at the beginning of the game. Yet the jets are a colourful company and they don’t go away. In this game, Wilson returns to his early season with over 300 yards, four touchdowns and about 50 yards of speed.

value: Kirk Cousins (FD:7.5K/DK:6.2K) – This choice seems strange to me, because I normally advise against the use of cousins. But in the last five games he has been very reliable. The Minnesota quarterback fights Pirasov’s defender, who struggles with a pass and is very good at it. Adam Tylen and Justin Jefferson are also expecting big matches. The cousins have to finish the day with about 300 meters of passage and three touchdowns.


picture : Raj Mehta U.S.A. Sports

The castle: James Robinson (FD: 8.0K/DK: 7.5K) – Even in a bad team, that beast of burden that is declining has its share of contact. When Jacksonville and Tennessee played earlier this season, Robinson went over 100 yards and scored a touchdown. The Titans defense is not better at this time of the season, so expect similar products from Robinson in this game as well. Now he’ll be even better: 130 yards and a touchdown.

value: D.D. McKissic (FD:5.3K/DK:4.9K) – It seems Antonio Gibson is not participating in this game. So where’s the football team going with the Rush Game? Many will hire Peyton Barber for less and for the job he had last week. However, it looks like the team will rely more on McKissic as a whole this week. Even if there are still a few transfers in this game, the amount of work he sees in the process will help him to easily achieve his value in this competition.

Broadband receivers

picture : Jed Jacobson/Presse Associée

The castle: Brandon Ayuk (FD:6.7K/DK:5.4K) – The wide receiver on the Newbie 49ers is a bit behind the radar this season. Everyone wants to talk about the quality of Justin Jefferson, but Ayuk is no less good in the last few games. Now, this game against the Washington national football team is interesting because both teams have a good defense at all levels. Both teams are still fighting for the finalist spots and will have to throw more to reach the end zone.

value: Allen Lazard (FD:$5.8K/DK:$5.0K) – Packers seem to want to attract more players for the qualifications. With a perfect game against the bad defense of the Lions, there’s no better time to do a little more work on their number two, the Wide Receiver. Will the Packers calm down when they fight the big boys? No, they’ll keep blaming their opponents. Expect eight strokes, 90 yards and a touchdown for Lazard.


picture : Quinn Harris/Getty Pictures

The castle: Travis Kelce (FD:8.2K/DK:7.4K) – Looking for a safe game? It’s always Kelsey. An attack by the leaders is inevitable. If you’re looking for safe ground clearance in this position, lock it down. There’s always the possibility that Kelsey could do a lot more. Some people are afraid that the bosses will get up and hold the ball, but they don’t have to move.

value: Cole Kmet (FD:4.6K/DK:2.9K) – It looks like the newcomer of the Bears has finally taken first place in Chicago. Last week he saw a sharp increase in stress, which must be continued this week against the Texas team, which is at the bottom of the championship. This game can turn into a shooting, and bears may have to rely even more on Kmet in this game. Expect a 60-meter, six-take performance, complemented by a touchdown for Kmet.

#CrackUm player of the week

Photo : Raj Mehta/USA Monday sports

Ezekiel Elliott (FD:7.6K/DK:6.6K) – A backward running star has a big breakthrough to make, right? That’s true, and it will ultimately be against the protection of the Bengalis, who are at the bottom of the ladder against a rebound position. Elliott’s problem isn’t so much getting punches, but rather being in the garden and scoring the points he earns. He won’t have any problems in that department this week, and the Cowboys should win. Expect more than 20 touchdowns, 120 yards and two touchdowns for Zeke.

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