We’re approaching the last two weeks of the NFL season! Enjoy these complete game plans while they are still available. Week 16 is very interesting, even though more teams are competing for playgrounds. The teams that made the playoffs still have a lot to do, so get ready for another weekend of NFL madness. Good luck in the NFL DFS landscape in week 16.


Picture : AP Photo/David Birding

Locking : Deshaun Watson (FD: 8.5K/DK: 7.6K) – After a tough game two weeks ago, Watson bounced back with a decent performance against one of the best defenses in the NFL. Now he has a Bengals team that’s pretty messed up, but they still have a very bad defense. In this game Texans can do what they want on the ground and in the air. So expect Watson to throw more than 300 yards and lay on the ground for about 30 yards. He should also be able to score three touchdowns in total.

Value: Mitchell Trubisky (FD: $7.2K/DK: $5.7K) – The Bears officially have their fate in their hands for the playoffs. In week 16 they face a Jacksonville Jaguars team that seems to be in full cyclic mode. However, Chicago should not take them lightly and continue the trend of recent weeks. One of the keys to the success of the Bears is Trubisky, who has performed admirably in the past games. Now he faces again a bad defense that he has to pass a total of 300 meters in the air and on the ground, combined with two touchdowns.


Picture : Mark J. Rebilas/USA Sports Today.

Locking : Nick Chubb (FD: 9.0K$/DK: 7.8K$) – The Browns will be without multiple reception options this week, who just made the reserve list/COVID-19. That means they have to rely on the field game to get by. It won’t be a problem in this game against the Jets. Expect Chubb to run over 100 meters and score a touchdown in this game.

Value: Antonio Gibson (FD:6.6K/DK:6.6K) – The Washington football team is still fighting for a play-off spot. They’ll probably be without Terry McLaurin and maybe Alex Smith for this game. If they have any hope for the post-season, they count on the return of the rookie. Against a Panther defense in the lower half of the league, Gibson must be able to help his team. Expect a total of about 120 meters and a touchdown in this game.

Wide receiver

Photo : Mark J. Rebilas/USA Sports Today.

Locking : Calvin Ridley (FD:8.7K/DK:8.5K) – This Falcon receiver wants to take Julio Jones out of the game. Ridley was at his best without Jones on the other side. This will only continue this week when Atlanta hires a Chiefs team to try and keep them on the scoreboard. The Falcons will continue to fight until the end of the season. Expect a dozen grips, 120 yards and a Ridley touchdown.

Value: Josh Reynolds (FD:5.1K/DK:3.2K) – There’s no better game for the wide receivers of the Rams, as the Seahawks’ defense is the worst in position. Reynolds made the best of the game in his first game this season and now he has the chance to do it again. It would be the most beneficial option among Jared Goff’s three main goals. Reynolds should be a similar play this week as the Seahawks trying to watch Kupp and Woods. Expect about nine strikes, 80 yards and a touchdown.

Tight side

Picture : AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio

Locking : Travis Kelce (FD:8.8K/DK:8.5K) – I repeat, the BEST HIGH END of the race. With Tyreek Hill probably limited and Clyde Edwards-Heller eliminated, Kelce will see more of the ball. Lock him up and watch the star of the Chiefs regain its value.

Value: Donald Parham Jr. (FD:4.2K/DK:2.5K) – The chargers will be without Hunter Henry and Keenan Allen. That means Justin Herbert has another target this week. The Broncos are not a bad passing game defense, but it will be an interesting fight for the Chargers. Both Herbert and Parem Jr. have to prove themselves as the future of the team. Expect Parham Jr. six strokes, 50 yards and a touchdown.

#CrackUm player of the week

Photo : Ken Blais/USA Sports Today

Kareem Hunt (FD:7.2K/DK:5.9K) – Although the Browns missed multiple threats in the passing game, that won’t be a problem for this Jets team. The hunt should see an increased workload in the passing game and more hits on the field. The two running backs of Brown are very good options on this list and will eventually have the same value. The only difference is the lower price for Hunt, which will probably give him a higher ceiling. Expect a total of 15 hits, 100 yards and a touchdown.

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