At the moment we’re halfway through the NFL season and there’s no delay at the moment. Here, in week 8, there are several games that form the basis for betting on a DFS slate. How was your seventh week? If it was positive, we should keep doing it. Didn’t it go as planned? Then it’s time to get over it. Good luck this week.


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The castle: Josh Allen (FD:8.2K/DK:7.0K) – After his brilliant start of the season Allen has cooled down a bit. Beals has a championship game with the Patriots this week. They want to keep control of AFC East, and that has to be done with Allen’s hand and foot. The Patriots have been on the offensive in recent weeks, so expect Beal’s defense to put the ball into the quarterback’s hands a few more times.

value: Tua Tagovayloa (FD:6.8K/DK:5.6K) – Yes, the beginner finally takes his first step. Is that a good match for him? No, but if you’re looking for a risky game with heavenly guidance, it’s time to go to Tua. He’ll be a double threat in this game, which will get the Rams in trouble. We even saw him drive into the end zone.


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The castle: Alvin Camara (FD:$9.0K/DK:$8.2K) – What can I say about Camara? Only now it’s a crime of the saints. This week they will face the bears again without Michael Thomas. The Chicago defense has had some trouble coming back all season and it won’t be any different than in week eight. Plus, Camara will experience tons of action as a passing game. Expect him to score 25 plus touchdowns for 130 yards and a touchdown.

value: Darrell Henderson Jr. (FD:6.1K/DK:5.9K) – It’s the best RB on the depth map for the Rams, and this won’t change yet. The only problem that bothers people is that the Rams seem to go to Brown near the goal line, but in this match against the Dolphins that won’t be a problem. Henderson Jr. sees almost 20 hits in the game, which is crucial for this price range. Lock him up, and this week he can achieve his goal.

Broadband receivers

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The castle: AJ Brown (FD:7.5K/DK:6.9K) – The Titans are an extremely scary team this season. They can throw the ball over the opponent or continue playing without any problem by passing Brown has been an extremely reliable target in all his games this season. The defense of the Bengali passport is in the middle of the league, but last week the Brownes did well. Keep an eye on the Titans so they can move the ball at will.

value: Nelson Agholor (FD:5.0K/DK:4.7K) – Agholor has been an incredible show this season. He has found a new life with a new team at Raiders, and in recent weeks he has become Derek Carr’s main weapon. Moreover, the Browns are in the back of the peloton against the pass, and that won’t change in the near future. Expect the Agholor to continue its series of scoring touchdowns. He’s missing 80 meters and a point in this race.


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The castle: George Kittle (FD:$7.7K/DK:$7.0K) – In this game 49 players will miss Dibo Samuel. This absence opens more goals for the starting MU and this game against Seachokes can become a game with more points. When 49 players fall in this game, they must rely on Kittle to move the ball in front of them. Expect about 110 yards and a touchdown from him this week.

value: Mike Gesicki (FD: $5.5K/DK: $4.9K) – Yeah, he’s been a little quiet these last two games. But as the football cliché goes, the Time End is the new quarterback’s favorite goal. Well, Tua must often pay attention to Gesicki in this game, which will help him to easily achieve his value.

#CrackUm player of the week

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Dalvin Cook (FD: $9.2K/DK: $7.5K) – Healthy cook versus bad defenders? Yeah, all day and twice on Sunday. This battle of the NFC North must be an old school game and the Vikings will get away with throwing the ball all over Green Bay. In addition, they will fight for their quarterback in the passive game, we all know who that is. But it’s not just because of the cousins, because Adam Tilen will be the shadow of Jaira Alexander’s upper corner. Close Cook and see how the points of all the games add up.

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