With another week of NFL action ahead, we focus on the upcoming 9th NFL. Last week Delvin Cook brought in a group of people for money. So, who’s gonna do it this week? This week CrackUm has a great game to search for the pile. Good luck to everyone on the main slide this Sunday.


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The castle: Josh Allen (FD:8.2K/DK:7.0K) – This is the best game you can play for a quarterback all week. In this game against Seachokes, he should be able to return to his early season numbers. His grades have dropped in recent weeks, but this week he’s fighting with one of the worst passing defenders. It is a game in which you can easily place him and other players.

value: Drew Lock (FD:7,2K/DK:5,2K) – Do you know which protection is as bad as Sihouki’s? Yeah, hawks. Last week was the best game of the season for Locke. He can ride on a hot hand against another bad pass defense. The point of this game is simple.


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The castle: James Conner (FD:8.2K/DK:6.9K) – It can’t be a lock anymore. Conner will play the Cowboys, who are now in the worst defense in the league. Conner has been consistent throughout the year, with the exception of one game at the beginning of the season. The Steelers can easily control this game with a hurried attack. Maybe Conner’s not the only one putting the numbers in the back field.

value: Chase Edmonds (FD: $6.7K/DK: $6.8K) – It looks like Edmonds will be the cardinal’s main candidate this week. In a powerful attack by the Cardinals, he plays in double jeopardy as runner and passer-by, making this an ideal place to score. Expect more than 20 hits from him for a total of 110 yards and a touchdown.

Broadband receivers

Photo : Jeff Burke U.S.A. Sports today.

The castle: Terry McLaureen (FD:7.2K/DK:6.5K) – With the number of targets McLaureen has seen in recent weeks, he becomes a star. The most important news for him this week is that his teammates have been elected team captain. The only problem that has held him back so far this year is the lack of touchdowns, but I would expect him to score goals in this game. There will be numbers against the defense of the Giants, who are in the lower half of the league against the passers-by. McLauren should have ten strikes, 95 yards and a touchdown.

value: Darnell Mooney (FD: $5.5K/DK: $3.9K) – A beginner becomes a great playmaker for the Bears In this game against the Titans, the Bears will probably play from behind and try to expand the field with their speed. For this price it is easy to get. Mooney should be able to make five strokes, 40 yards and a touchdown on Sunday.


Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The castle: Travis Kels (FD:8.0K/DK:7.2K) – There is no safer end than Travis Kels. The only drawback is that the Panthers defended the pass well this season. However, this game has a known potential climax. Mahomez will often look for his number one in Kielce. He has the ability to end the game with nine traps over 100 meters.

value: Johnny Smith (FD: $5.7K/DK: $3.9K) – Besides Derrick Henry, who will destroy the preservation of the bear this week? The answer is Johnny Smith. The bears are pretty good at defending wide receivers all season, but they will have a hard time covering them all. This should give Smith the chance to probably play a singles game with the linebacker. Expect a touchdown for him in this game.

#CrackUm player of the week

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Stephon Diggs (FD: $7.6K/DK: $7.4K) – QB and WR stack here! The Seahawks will have a hard time stopping Diggs in this game. They’re the last to die against the position this season. Just because it’s not more expensive this week, it’s crazy. He’ll easily become Josh Allen’s main target. This game will be similar in numbers to the game against the Dolphins last season. Excavators must end the day with nine traps, 130 yards and at least one touchdown.

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