After he fell asleep, the way he was played on Wednesday evening could show some of the best executed bull drawings we have ever seen.

In 1984, Michael Jordan was killed by the Bulls. In 2008, the team won the lottery and got 50-50 points for finding the right man (Derrick Rose), who happened to be from Chicago. None of this was of strategic importance. Even where there has been a clear strategy in recent years, GarPax has received conflicting messages. The previous regime, for example, wanted to make the list younger and more athletic – and then bought Dwyane Wade and the Rondo district from an independent agency.

But what we saw and heard last night was strategic and deliberate.

When Arturas Kornissovas and Mark Eversley (AKME) were brought on board, all bullfans were on board because they were both looking over the horizon. Now that their vans are actually what we’ve chosen to do – an unconventional thought – why are we losing our heads? We must give the new leaders time to mature their visions.

But as bullshit fans, we have to be patient. We can’t be like that stupid, average guy who pulled a hot chick and didn’t let her out on the street or look at the phone to make sure she wasn’t talking to other guys. If we really trust the AK, we have to look at their track record and see that their bets have been good, even though it took a while to get a result.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at everything we learned last night.

Patrick Williams Plan

Photo : Jonathan Aguallo/Watcher Charlotte | Editorial: Danny Schwartz…

After the selection of Patrick Williams for fourth place – a decision that annoyed the majority of the fan community – the AK evaluation followed after the draw for everything you wanted to hear about the fourth overall selection. Here are some excerpts from his press conference last night.

  • I don’t agree with the way people see it.
  • It can contain 1 to 5 guards.
  • He can play three offensive positions.
  • He played PG in high school and can pick up the ball on the field.
  • We’ll let him decide where he stands.

Personally, I don’t think Patrick Williams was the right candidate for fourth place, but I can’t deny that the qualities expressed at the press conference illustrate what should characterize someone who has won fourth place in general. While the words and the way he eventually plays in the NBA are two different things, those words from the top man should at least calm the minds of die-hard fans. When these statements have come to the point, which the AK has proven in its earlier attempts, this choice is a slap in the face.

Rumor has it that Billy Donovan’s new coach is also very proud of Williams. This will show that the command structure is synchronized, which is very unusual for an organization led by Reinsdorf.

Back to the player for discussion. Because of the shortened off-season it is necessary for the selected player to improve his game quickly. AK mentioned that Patrick Williams did this shortly before the COWID 19 pandemic.

After the project we learned that Kobe White and Patrick Williams are really good friends, and not just from a joint conference on the Atlantic coast.

Kobe White is actually from North Carolina, so he grew up and played against him in high school or with him in some camps, Williams said. We played together a lot, almost every summer. And when I was involved in that design, I was already close, so I relied on him for questions, advice or whatever I needed. I can’t believe they call me the Bulls.

Kobe White seems equally enthusiastic.

Although the learning curve can be steep in this unique low season, the relationship between Kobe and Patrick can help to shorten it.

This is not normal, the AK told us that Patrick Williams was probably his first choice all along. The Bulls did not plan any training with the 1-3 stones, but settled for an interview with LaMelo Ball.

Smart Cold Second Choice

Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivika Weslinov through the ABA League

The 44th. On the whole, the bulls chose Marko Simonovich. Again, most experts haven’t noticed it, but it has the qualities needed to make pickups possible. Speaking of Simonovich, the AK began by listing all the skills that can be invented.

In the Adriatic League, Simonovic averaged 50% of the area and 41% of the three-point range, as well as 16 points and ten rebounds. Although the Bulls had very little film because of the pandemic that led to the breakdown of the games, they were able to watch Simonovich’s foreign games remotely during the power cuts in the United States.

Considering all the international Scouting roots that AK has, I am sure that this choice has been well thought out and most likely very thoroughly studied. Although it was a bit surprising to see the new fashion with such a variety of designs and caches, there is another way to look at it. By going abroad, Simonivik will give current players more playing time so they can listen to the roles in the new mode.

Finishing grinding

Moreover, the Bulls did not manage to finish after their pick-ups had climbed on the board last night. When the project was summarized, it was pointed out that the bulls had to be signed by Devon Dotson, a Chicago-born Kansas guard.

Photo : Ed Zurga/Getty pictures

It’s a movement that most bull fans love. Attracting a Chicago man most wise men thought should have been recruited was a risk-free scenario. Rapid Dotson has just become a team leader at Kansas Jayhoks University, a pre-NCAA tournament favorite for COVID.

on the hob and for.

We learned something else from the AK press office. In the first place he stated that it was not the intention to expand the project. This shows that the front office has sealed its lips and the rumours we have heard – and will hear in the future – are most likely a smokescreen.

Moreover, the lack of agreements means that the core of the current bull can stay together for at least a year, which could show how Jim Boylan is slowing down their growth. This is important because it is difficult to make a company valuation if you don’t even know how much your equity is worth.

The last big chance for the bull draw came when the AK focused its attention on the decisions of the team regarding the qualification bidding and the upcoming time of the free agents.

We have focused our attention on the fact that [expanding training opportunities], the consideration of an open agency The registrations are limited and we will be very readable in the FA.

When asked what exactly would be considered in a free agency, the AK replied We should add shots and then stop before listing more targets.

Taking all this into account, we can say that Arturas Kornissovas is a man with a plan. Each of his movements focused on the theme of universality. If he reads between the lines, he doesn’t want to sell us out of his own free will. He also tried to say as little as possible about the details. Let’s hope his plan produces the desired result.

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