The year 2008 comes to mind – ten long years since Michael Jordan and Co. decorated the hardwood floor of the United Center and won the sixth title in eight seasons. Shortly after that, General Manager Jerry Krause’s team was disbanded and bull fans had to support players like Marcus Fizer, Chris Mihm, Eddie Curry, Tyrus Thomas and many others.

The Bulls ended with a record of 33-49, giving them only a 1.7% chance of the total first choice in the 2008 design, and yet that is exactly what happened. It became the NBA’s second most likely lottery disaster, after the Orlando Magic in 1993, which had a 1.5% chance of winning the first choice.

Lady Luck, who took a break from the Bulls to smile at other organizations in need, once again looked down on the team, and served as a beacon of hope for a hungry fan base to survive the apparent dominance of the franchise for much of the 1990s.

This year’s project award? Native Hero: Derrick Rose. In fact, the script was written for Hollywood based on the LeBron James model recruited by the Cavaliers. Conspiracy theorists and skeptics might even say that this is not a coincidence (but that is a debate for another day). Still, with a special talent like Rose at the helm, visions of greatness seemed realistic again.

It wasn’t long before Rose Rookie of the Year won and posted a 21/4/6 score line the following season. In 2010-11 he became the youngest MVP in the history of the competition (25/4/8), joining Michael Jordan as the only Bull player ever to win the prize. Rose led the team that year to a record 62-20, but unfortunately did not make it to the finals of the new Big Three’s Eastern Conference in Miami. Rose signed a five-year contract, $94.8 million in December 2011, and Bulls fans around the world applauded him, knowing that their superstar would probably play his entire career in Chicago and enter the Hall of Fame like a bull.

And then it started to unravel….

In the first game of week 1 of the 2011 post-season against the Philadelphia 76ers, the Bulls had a 12-point lead at 1:22 am. But even though the team was virtually assured of victory, Rose and the rest of the starting line-up were inexplicably held on the field by former coach Tom Thibodeau. On her way to the basket Rose walked out of a sweater and tore the front cruciate ligament in her left knee on landing.

On the 12th. In May 2012 Rose went under the knife and had an estimated recovery time of 8-12 months. In January 2013 Rose got an unlimited practice and in March the doctors let her play. After all, he hasn’t played a single game this season because he said he wasn’t mentally prepared to test his knee.

Photo : The New York Times

In October 2013, Rose returned to the field in a game against the Miami Heat, but a month later, a torn right meniscus suffered against the Portland Trailblazers. He was able to play in the season opening game of the Bulls against the New York Knicks in October 2014, but it was announced in February that Rose would need surgery again and would be absent indefinitely. Magnetic resonance imaging confirmed a torn meniscus, the same injury as a year ago. He came back into action this season in April and was able to make the playoffs. In the end, the Bulls of LeBron and the Cavaliers lost in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference, despite the heroic shot by Rose on the bench after the buzzer in the third game.

Rose stayed with the Bulls for a final season before being traded to the Knicks with Justin Holiday and a second round pick in 2017 in exchange for Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant and Robin Lopez. What started as a meteoric rise until superstar status collapsed in the blink of an eye. For the next three years, the player maker’s position will be a merry-go-round of players like Rajon Rondo, Cameron Payne, Ryan Arcidiacono and Chris Dunn. The team desperately needed a general of the word, someone who could take the reins and perhaps even become the face of the franchise.

Enter Kobe White…

White, the all-time top scorer in North Carolina high school basketball history, has signed a letter of intent to play for UNC in 2017, where he currently leads the rookie list with 469 points (Michael Jordan is second). The Bulls selected White with the seventh overall pick in 2019. He’s the first UNC player to be drafted by the team in the first round because, you guessed it, his Airness.

White’s rookie season can best be defined as fickle or erratic, marred by bipolar inconsistency. From time to time White would show his height and prove he could carry the team on his back every night. These ups were offset by disappointing lows, as his cold shot snowed away any hope of rhythm on the offensive side of the ball.

Photo : Nell Redmond/U.S. Monday sports

Since he’s such an unstable shooter, you wonder if White should even be a starter. He might be better able to get off the bench like Lou Williams and bring some much needed energy and purposefulness as leader of the second team. Is White your prototype for the first goalie? No, and probably never will, but in a league that does not tend to put teams in position, teams can succeed without defining traditional roles. Regardless of when a team calls a top 10 player, we must assume that the goal is to prepare that player to become at least a full time starter.

But with all the uncertainty about White, why even mention him in the same sentence as Derrick Rose? What can we refer to when we feel comfortable enough to make a statement like in this title? To answer that question, we will split up his recruitment campaign and dive into the figures.

Last year coach Jim Boylen was careful with White, who only plays 26 minutes per game. Despite little effort, White managed to close the year with a respectable 13/4/3 shooting line, shooting 40% of the field, 35% of midfield and 80% of the free throwing line. Like many of the blues, the year started softly, averaging 12/4/3 in October and 13/4/2 in November, but then declined in December (9/3/2) and January (10/3/2).

The highlight of his rookie season, besides playing against the Knicks on the 12th. November, where he scored seven fourth-quarter triples (a team record), the period starting on the 22nd. Until February 10th. March, when White scored at least 19 points in nine consecutive games, including 33 or more points in three consecutive games against the Suns, Wizards and Thunder. White became the first Bulls rookie since Michael Jordan played two straight games at 30 points, and the first rookie in NBA history to score 30 consecutive points on the bench. But instead of just going back in time, let’s look at the figures using advanced analysis and compare Rose in 2008 with White in 2019.

Thanks for the basketball.

When analyzing the above table, the first and most obvious finding is that comparing the two players using traditional statistics (per game and final score) favours Rose in almost all categories. That should not come as a surprise, after all, there is a reason why Rose was the first overall choice and is considered by many to be the best leader since Chris Paul. However, the next two charts tell a completely different story, showing that if White would get the same playing time in 2019 as Rose in 2008, he would actually be a more productive player in except a few categories.

In professional sport, in many cases it is not a lack of talent, but a lack of opportunities that prevents a player from fulfilling his dream. As a result, there are some advanced analyses, such as. B. Over 36 minutes and over 100 possessions, made to level the playing field and show what a save can do if you give the starter minutes. And let’s face it, Jim Boylen was a microcosm of why Tom Thibodeau was finally fired; an old-fashioned, outdated mentality, incapable of embracing modernity and the avant-garde. It all boils down to simple Darwinism: adapt or die. During their stay in Chicago, the two aforementioned coaches certainly chose the latter, professionally speaking.

If you end up taking a player in seventh overall and it’s unrealistic to expect to reach the play-offs, you have an obligation to at least give that player a chance to develop so that the team can make a full and realistic assessment. For this reason, Boylen dropped out of the team, and in fact his use of White was as sporadic as the production of White earlier in the season. Fortunately for Bulls fans who have been suffering from the clown show known as GarPax for 17 long years, it’s a new day in Chicago when Arturas Karnisovas and Mark Eversley make decisions.

Photo : Chicago Sun-Times

The new coach Billy Donovan, known for the development of young players, knows how important white is for the Bulls. Kobe has to play well for us, coach Donovan said after losing the Bulls to the Atlanta Hawks in their season opener. Will White be able to fill the great void left by Rose’s departure? If Donovan’s quote is any indication, we’ll soon have a chance to find out.

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