Well, here we go again. Another muddy, depressing and disappointing week started with our favorite bears from Chicago. The defeat of the Titans on Sunday in Tennessee, with 24 to 17 attendees, only served to highlight the problems and issues the fans were already facing in week 9. If you’re looking for stats, it’s probably not for you. If you’re looking for someone to give your opinion, welcome to my office.

It all started with what we’ve seen so many times. The defense blocks the advance of the Titans prematurely, while the attack of the Bears is spraying a cold whip in his mouth. Look, I don’t know what’s going on in the minds of this team all week, but it won’t be the same pattern every match day, waiting for success.

The weird thing is that Nick Falls was a bit more active in the beginning and took some pressure off the line, causing more holes. In a typically bearish way, it seemed to be over. David Montgomery was fed to the wolves again. Why’d you give the ball to this guy? There’s no mileage for this team unless you think 25 of them have a 51-meter course.

Don’t think I blame the players for everything, because I don’t. Honestly, I’m starting to feel sorry for these guys. It’s not easy to know you’re giving up your defense and looking pathetic. Give me a break and move on.

Okay, maybe I won’t go any further. I’ve seen so many fans talking about the return of Mitchell Trumpets, but it’s such a superficial thought. Replacing Foles with Trubisky takes some pressure off the line, but you’ll notice that the accuracy and ability to read the defense decreases. Choose your poison.

Pictures : Chicago Bears / YouTube

I mean, there’s nothing to fix this attack except an enhanced offensive line. So many people have been asking for this update for so long and this frankness felt that changes in the framework would solve the problem. I’ve got news for you, coaches can’t block. It all starts with this group. You don’t have to be a soccer guru to understand that the defense has to be blocked in order for the matches to go well. To start the game, you need to control the battle line. Somehow I understand when I drink beer, sit on the couch and talk on TV, but not on the bear desk? I’m up there in the palm trees.

I hope no one laughs at the 17 points the bears scored yesterday. I consider them shitty times and I treat them with caution. Matt’s whining… I know this is what you’ve been waiting for… a clown. Yeah, a clown. Remember when he talked about not wanting an ego in the room? Well, I’d think of waiting too long to play selfish games.

You can’t sit here and tell me he’s the best man for the job when we see this offensive week after week in the same ten races and wonder why they went through three races and got out. It’s time someone else called up a play. We are also very tired of these positive votes after the heavy losses. Show some sensitivity, Matt. Every time you say something that confirms the fans’ feelings, I don’t believe you personally. Punch your fist on the stage, take the blame, scream, I don’t know, fix what’s broken. I think it’s safe to say his belt is getting shorter by the day. Unless the team has a good practice week.

Photo : Chicago Bears / YouTube

Let me close this group with an explanation I think you’ll all like. First, the smartest game of the year is Allen Robinson, who does not jump to renew the contract. My theory is he wanted to see what this crime would look like before he made a new deal. If nothing changes, you can probably say goodbye to A-Rob when the Bears 8-8 are ready… I mean 17. Week.

It’s not about who plays for the quarterback team or who scores all their goals. The point is that management and the front office should have no influence on what doesn’t work (and hasn’t worked for a long time). So, before you blame the player, think about how Nagy and the suits couldn’t make it happen. I think the staff is great for the development of young people as individuals. They are very good at showing how to behave in professional football, but it’s not the D-League. This is the NFL, and it’s about winning football games. Cheers, bear fans, we deserve a drink.

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