Halo’s ubiquitous success: Combat Evolved 2001 was the surprising video game of the new century. How could bungee perform the almost perfect game they made? This reaction only came three years later, on the 9th. November 2004, when Halo 2 became the biggest game suite in history.


What was to happen next to the Master Chief and Kortana? You’ve just successfully prevented the pact from activating the halo ring, destroying it. We had very little information about the history of the Convention and why they did what they did.


Halo 2 begins with a special look at the hierarchy of the Alliance and the forces in charge of protecting the original Halo ring. The elite commanding these forces have been stripped of their titles and labeled as heretics for their failure. We haven’t played a single minute in this game, except at the beginning, and there’s already a big difference. The pact is not a clumsy, idiotic, meaningless communicator. In fact, they talk, are quite eloquent and have a state structure.

We are also introduced to the new perspective of the powers of the Covenant: Animals. The leaders of the covenant, the prophets, promote the beasts to their new bosses and in fact ignore the elites of their forces.

The film then goes on to the Master Chief, who is rewarded for his bravery and actions in the first game. We also have the opportunity to see what we didn’t see in the first race: Earth. This parallel story is already very different from the first game and anticipates what almost no one expected for 2004.

The Federation troops come to Earth in small numbers and the battle begins. Mankind manages to fight them and they’re spreading into space to escape, but they’re being chased by a ship you’ve guessed, Master Leader. Chief, Cortana, Miranda Keys and Avery Johnson follow the fleet of the Covenant to another unimaginable horror: another halo ring. The Master Chief is sent into the ring to kill the Prophet of Pain and prevent the ring from being activated.

Meanwhile, the heretical elite is called an arbiter, a warrior who can follow the orders of the prophets. The prophets of the covenant are among the highest leaders of their kind, and they are accustomed to using arbitration as a means of their own malicious intent. This special referee was sent to destroy a group of separatists who had learned the terrible truth about the plan of the prophets: The big trip. Here we experience the first big surprise: We’re playing a parallel story and we’re really fighting as referees!

According to the prophets, the Great Journey is the activation of the halo rings to create pure salvation and liberation. The overt truth: Activating the rings will kill all intelligent life in the galaxy. The original plan of the Creators of the Ring: The warning signs. Why did the ancestors create this weapon of mass destruction? To destroy their enemy: The floods. The prophets completely misinterpreted the purpose of the halo rings.

After winning the war against the heretic separatists, he goes to Halo’s new ring to find a clue to activate the ring. While he is doing this, the boss is already in the ring, creating chaos in the Federation forces. In the end they judge the plans of the Prophet and at the same time they learn the truth about the plans of the Prophet.

Death diggers

The second great shock of the game is the discovery of Gravemand: The brain of the flood. He informs the commander-in-chief and the referee of the lies told by the prophets and puts them on the path of cooperation to stop the destruction.

The rest of the game consists of preventing the beasts from activating the Halo setting and chasing the prophets to kill them. The judge succeeds in preventing Tartarus, the captain of the beast, from activating the halo, while the main captain fiercely fights against the other prophets and against the tide.

Another hard and cruel pun intended for the second part of the game was the fight against the Beasts. If the damage is sufficient, the pets will reverse their armor and switch to Berserker mode. They move fast and are extremely strong. Among the terrible and legendary difficulties, these missions are among the most difficult of the series.

Severe emotional shocks and disturbances

To enable the skipper to locate the prophets and gain access to the Conventional ship he is on board, he loads Cortana into the central computer. If they fail, Kortana plans to destroy the monastery ship, destroying the Ring. She remains in the ship, and the main leader is obliged to follow the Prophet’s ship back to Earth.

The game ends with the biggest and most emotional twist: The Cortana remains isolated, and the giant Covenant Mother Ship flies directly to Earth with the Master Chief on board. This ship is on its way to find the Ark on Earth, which will give the prophets access to the Fire of all the rings at the same time and extinguish life everywhere. At the age of 14, it was the longest wait in my young life to find out what was going to happen.


The perfect match with the original halo stripes was hard to beat. How did bungee do that? They have created an online multiplayer mode. It was a big step forward in online gambling, and they did very well. There are many different cards that attract attention and each has its own characteristics.

Photo : Bangui

On some cards, such as the Lockout card in the figure above, it made much more sense to use melee combat. Most Halo fans can immediately recognize this picture as a card that really puts the friendship to the test everywhere.

On other maps it’s best to watch out for snipers and cars trying to run you over. The multiplayer gameplay of this game has defined a whole generation of players and laid a solid foundation for future multiplayer phenomena such as Call of Duty and Destiny.

Dual-use weapons and weapons

The big surprise in both the campaign and multiplayer modes was the ability to hold and fire the weapon in each hand at the same time, which is known as double possession. It is discovered very early in the campaign and is even more useful in a difficult multiplayer game when dealing with high-level opponents.

There are two different ways to fire these weapons: simultaneous firing for rapid destruction or individual firing for continuous damage. In a campaign you will probably use excessive fire to carry out difficult missions. However, in multiplayer mode it is a very bad strategy if you are not close to victory.

One of the reasons that led to the creation of the multiplayer game Halo 2 was the legitimate need for teamwork. If you run out of ammo or your weapon overheats during a battle with multiple enemies, it’s almost impossible to survive. The technique of individual shooting was created to allow the players a continuous flow of fire, which led to the dominance of small teams.

Also in this game there were several additions to the weapons, which were very surprising. First of all, where was the Halo CE assault rifle? Bungee kidnapped him and created a fighter with three charges. This rifle had a lethal three-round shot and a long-range motive. Another great addition to this suite: Energy Sword!

In the first game, it was scary to fight in battle and then see an invisible enemy attack you with a shining energy sword you couldn’t pick up. They have changed it in this game, and it has made melee combat a lot more exciting.

Did you have any luck seeing this game in its early days? There are so many things in this phenomenal game that make it great. Is there an important detail that escaped me that makes you love this game as much as I do? Let us know on Twitter and let’s talk about it!

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