This morning the NHL and Adidas released new t-shirts for each team as part of their reverse retro collection. Each team goes back to its past to be inspired by these t-shirts with a modern touch.

Each team will wear these T-shirts several times during the 2021 season. Of course, some are beautiful and some are terrible. We’re going to dive into the 31-team rankings.

31. Dallas Stars

The stars have done a good job going from bad sweaters to the worst, to their current good sweaters. That takes us back to the wrong one. Too much white.

30. Detroit red wings

Besides, a lot of whites… Oh, uh… Detroit has some nice white sweaters. They’re not that diverse. Random money? That’s an odd choice. They’re going with the modern Red Wings.

29. San Jose Sharks

It is clear that this is the work of a man who cannot distinguish between colours. It seems that the shark, who had been choking on a piece of hockey stick for years, has finally surrendered and made this sweater.

28. Nashville Raptors

The best thing Nashville ever did was get rid of that disgusting silver tube on their shirt sleeves. It was such a good initiative that I can’t believe there’s no banner for it in the Bridgestone arena. Of course they’re back.

27. Winnipeg beams

The Jets have really nice regular T-shirts. However, they have completely failed to create alternatives. It’s so boring that even the analysis of Mike Millbury’s game fell asleep watching it.

26. Anaheim Ducks

People love them in a good way. I don’t get it. If you like T-shirts designed by six-year-olds, this one is for you. The ducks could take different routes along Mighty Ducks Avenue and leave the hill.

25. Toronto Maple Leaves

Hey, let’s make almost the same shirt with much worse legs!

24. Lightning in Tampa Bay

After winning the Stanley Cup last season, Tampa Bay will return the logo that won the first Cup in 2004. It’s not very good, but it’s not bad either.

23. Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers have always been in good condition. It’s not easy to get an orange job done, but they’ll find a way. Let’s just say it’s worse than our usual T-shirt, but it’s still good.

22. Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver was saved here with its excellent color palette and first-class logo. However, this project is not very big. Sitenot: Give us the hockey stick logo.

21. Ottawa Senators

The simple is usually best when it comes to physical fitness, and here the truth reigns. The old school logo is a success, and they don’t muffle it with too many colours or bad variety.

20. New York

Wait, isn’t that just his regular sweater?

19. Chicago Blackhawks

This project leaves a lot to be desired. Although it’s a sleek look with a great logo, it almost looks like one of the Walmart t-shirts is fake.

18. The demons of New Jersey

We wish you a great hockey season! Cory Crawford better break some Christmas cushions for these bad guys.

17. Hurricanes in Carolina

The whalers’ T-shirts are so, so cute. It’s pretty annoying that hurricanes claim them. However, the blue version of this sweater is much better than the grey one.

16. Arizona Coyotes

It is difficult to design such a unique t-shirt and keep it clean at the same time. There’s a home run in Arizona. Purple is an excellent choice, and the drawing of the desert on the ground is even better.

15. Buffalo swords

Accessories in Buffalo not to go back to red and black. They’re very overrated. That sword logo is deadly. Get rid of the buffalo downstairs and you’ve got a winner.

14. Blue ColumbusCoats

The old school logo (if you can call it old) The blue coats are very nice, so it is nice to see them again. Columbus made a nice clean T-shirt.

13. Pittsburgh penguins

Penguins have to make all their players wear fake mules when these sweaters come on the ice. It’s incredibly well done, and we hope the yellow jerseys from Pittsburgh are lost in a fire that the insurance doesn’t cover.

12. Floride-Panther

Florida should never have got rid of that logo. Worse, they replaced it with a football logo. This logo is the justice of Joel Quenneville.

11. Golden Knights of Vegas

I think everyone was fascinated by the way the new team is going to add retro clothing. Vegas did pretty well without the retro clothes. The logo of the sword is the winner, and the red one with the diagonal tube gives it a retro but still contemporary look.

10. St. Louis Blue

St. Louis in red is incredibly weird. On the other hand, they also have the Stanley Cup. If you go through all this, you can appreciate the quality of this t-shirt.

9. Washington Capitals

The purpose of these new sweaters is to blend the past and the present. Nobody’s ever done better than Washington. It’s really unbelievable.

8. Calgary Flame

If you had told me in advance that Calgary was going to buy a black shirt, I would have said it was a mistake. But with clean pipes, an excellent choice of colour and a unique logo, the flame is hot here.

7. Colorado avalanche

You’d have a hard time finding a cleaner shirt. The return to the Quebec-Nord logo is nonsense. Colorado has absorbed its current colors and made a damn good t-shirt. The design of the lower edge is unrivalled.

6. New York Ranger

The return to one of the largest alternative logos in the history of the sport was easily done in New York. Man, oh man, it’s Artemia Panarin, go shine in them.

5. Boston Brown

Yellow is hard. Pittsburgh failed and Nashville doesn’t set the standard. Yellow’s not so bad in Boston. It’s a strong alternative.

4. Montreal Canadian

Anyone can breathe a sigh of relief when they see Montreal hasn’t done anything stupid here. They have some of the best T-shirts in the sport. This blue version could be even better.

3. Kings of Los Angeles

It’s just perfect. The color palette is incredible. The logo is classic. The pipeline has some pleasant retro-vibrations, but still gives the impression of a new era. The L.A. hockey team may be worthless, but at least it looks good.

2. Edmonton oils

Let’s talk about a team that had a vintage car and traded it in for a Prius. That’s exactly what Edmonton did when it launched its classic blue sweaters for the orange version. This beauty makes up for this catastrophic decision.

1. Wild cat in Minnesota

Ladies and gentlemen, Minnesota Wild has finally won something. Хотя они они никогда не выиграют Кубок Стэнли, Уайлд все-таки выигрывает этот выпуск футболки НХЛ. The savages will return to their North Star roots and make one of the cutest hockey jerseys.

There, it’s done. The NHL has introduced its retro clothing for the 2021 season and we have evaluated it accordingly. What are your favorites and the ones that make you throw up uncontrollably? We’re watching you, San Jose.

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