Several years ago, the first Monday in March was declared Casimir Pulaski Day by students and officials. Most Chicagoans have already asked the question: Who the hell is Kazimierz Pulaski? In return, they learn that he is a Polish-born hero of the American Revolutionary War and the founder of the U.S. Cavalry. In 1986, a holiday in his honor was established in Chicago because of the large Polish population. Apart from the capital Warsaw, Chicago is the second largest city in Poland in terms of population. One in two cities in Poland is behind Chicago. Chicago’s streets, schools, churches, banks and other institutions are named after Pulaski. Even the songs of Chicago artists were written in his honor, and beer was brewed in his name.


In the early 2000s, suburban kids had the day off. It would be a wonderful last day of snow or one of the first warm days of the year. Slowly but surely, the man began to leave. Shops that used to have a day off are now open on the first Monday in March. He disappeared from the hustle and bustle of university vacations in the most remote suburbs and slowly made his way to the city. We are now at the point where the CPS will begin his personal training on this glorious day of 2021.

Chicago public school students from kindergarten through fifth grade. First graders will return to class on Monday mornings for the first time in nearly a year.

– ABC 7 Chicago (@ABC7 Chicago) March 1, 2021

And while everyone is forced to work and go to school, officials in Chicago are using this excuse to not work, which they could very well do.

Pulaski Day was a tradition, and you don’t mess with traditions! We need to get this festival back before we lose our identity, Chicago.

How to get back to celebrate Pulaski Day

Once we get the party back on track, the first step will be to close all businesses, not just public institutions and schools, for the celebration. Regardless of one’s Polish heritage or not, everyone should feel free to participate in St. Patrick’s Day. There will be activities for everyone, but more if you are 21 or older.


Wake up and take a picture of Yezi (Yezinovka). Jezy is the blackberry-based Polish cognac found in every Polish wine bar in the Chicago area. The Battle of Brandywine is where Pulaski became known as George Washington.

Breakfast will consist of pachkis. Yes, Mardi Gras wasn’t that far off, but Pulaski Day could breathe new life into Chicago’s bakeries.

The streets should be closed, especially Pulaski, and there should be polka and booze outside. Refrigerators and snow boxes must be supplied with Zywiec.


Dinner would be Maxwell’s Polish Viennese Beef. Local hot dog stands make Chicago what it is and have always supported people.

This afternoon, Dan Ryan and Lakeshore Drive are expected to be closed to riders – a nice way to pay tribute to the cavalry. The proceeds from renting a horse to ride can be used to support some of the city’s charities.


Pierogi will definitely be on the menu. Polish dumplings are a staple of the diet of all Poles. In Northwest Indiana, they even throw a giant lighted cake on New Year’s Eve and host an entire festival to celebrate the occasion. This food needs to return to the forefront of Chicago’s food landscape.

More Polish music and alcohol should follow until people are tired and sleepy in anticipation of the short four-day work week ahead.

Thank you, Kazimierz Pulaski! Good day Pulaski, everyone!

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