With the Chicago Bears disabled for 5 to 5 hours, it’s easy to fly under the radar for great individual performance. After all, a defeat can quickly suck the air out of a team.

For Rowan Smith and Kyle Fuller, however, it is likely that they have disappeared after all. When most fans think of protecting bears, they think of the names Khalil Mack, Akim Hicks, Eddie Jackson and even newcomer Jalon Johnson. We can assume Smith and Fuller have no choice. Both seem to remain at a low level during the season, so it may come as a surprise to many that both are making careers in the season over time. Let’s see how they did in 10 games.

Rosan Smith

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After an injury in 2019, when his season was shortened, Rosan Smith started to focus on the laser to be the best version of himself. He recognized the noise outside and kissed the chip the media had placed on his shoulder. He was ready to show the city what he had.

LB Roquan Smith Bears expects an excellent season this year: I’m just a little irritable – and I intend to come here every day and break my tail. He says he registered for the camp at 234 LBS.

– 7. StacyDales (@StacyDales) August 2020

The hard work has paid off. Smith not only earned the respect of his peers and became the defensive leader of the NFL, but he also proved that he could take matters into his own hands. As far as the landlord is concerned, Smith has become a constant, which proves that he belongs to the elite of the league.

Seasonal statistics Combined solutions Solo battles Ready to lose Missed Goll-Trucks %
(among players with 80+ Goll-Trucks)
(under internal binary supports)
Assessment of passengers on the basis of the
Rosan Smith
(10 games)
96 (T-2.) 70 (1) 15 (1) 5,9% (Т-5) 2.0 (Т-7) 65,0 (24-я)


With six games to go, Rocan Smith has a legitimate chance to lead the championship in three major defensive categories. If that’s the case, it’s hard to imagine an all-professional team without them.

Kyle Fuller

picture : John Darr/Getty Images

Man in a nutshell: Fuller’s talking to the field. While injuries were a problem at the beginning of his career, Fuller was a model series on a very good bear defense. Second-line drivers can sometimes be underestimated, but the figures don’t lie. In 2020, Kyle Fuller became an elite.

Not only has he stayed the same this season, but Fuller is following the pace of the best season of his career. Although Fuller didn’t revitalize the boxing account with upheavals, he was stingy and did all the little things against the top, which got threats throughout the league. Among the curves that have started in at least five races, Fuller leads the competition in the most advanced indicators.

Seasonal statistics Percentage of completion Reception areas for all purposes Permitted landings Assessment of passengers on the basis of the Missed refraction
Kyle Fuller (10 games) 46,7% (2) 5.3 (7) 1
(Frequently connected)
61,7 (6) 8 (Т-16)

Under the bends with more than five starts (LFP)

For your information: Fuller’s completion rate and rating are compared to his 2018 campaign, when he was named the first All-Pro Team. A name that seems to be synonymous with the name Fuller in the study of these statistics? Javier Rhodes, the cornerback of Indianapolis, is considered one of the best defenders of football this season. If this trend continues, don’t be surprised if both corners are on the All-Pro at the end of the season.

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