Just in time for opening day this year, Goose Island Brewery has released its fifth Clybourn Collab burger. This time, the Brewers have teamed up with former Cubs pitcher and current Ryan Dempster to bring you the Off the Mound Burger.

The Off the Mound Burger, from Goose Island in collaboration with Ryan Dempster.
Photo: Clybourne Goose Island Brewery

Goose Island was kind enough to invite us into their brewery to sample the burger and learn more about its origins. Not only are we going to explain how this burger tastes, but we’re going to tell you about the history, the occasion, and everything that’s great about the fifth Clybourn Collab Burger on Goose Island.


The Off the Mound burger is a work of art by chef Henry Pariser. The burger starts with a hearty mix of house-made burgers, topped off with a perfect layer of caramelized onions and spicy Canadian cheddar in honor of Dempster’s Canadian roots. Plus, the burger is topped with crispy prosciutto, a decadent bone marrow butter and a delicious Goose IPA aioli.

The burger is served on a brioche bun, topped with crispy Kennebec fries and accompanied by a Ryan Dempster Off the Mound-themed crowler. For the Crowler, you have your choice of three Goose Island beers, many of which are only available at the Clybourn Brewhouse. If you were one of the first 100 and still are, you can receive an autographed bracket from Dempster himself.

The first 100 crawlers sold this month were personally signed by Ryan Dempster. Crawler is included with the purchase of the Off the Mound citizen.
Photo: Clybourne Goose Island Brewery

The burger will be available in April, so be sure to stop by the brewery to try it before it’s too late!


The burger was inspired by Ryan Dempster himself. I had the opportunity to speak with Chef Henry Pariser about the story behind the burger. He talked about how he and Dempster came up with the idea to collaborate on Off the Mound.

Ryan Dempster immediately thought of this trip to Bend, Oregon. He went to a country club in Bend, Oregon, and said he ate one of the best hamburgers of his life.

– Chef Henry Pariser

Chef Henry accepted the challenge and said he wanted to make something that could rival Dempster’s best burger. According to Chef Henry’s story, there are elements of crispy prosciutto and bone marrow in this burger.

The inspiration for the hamburger didn’t stop there. Chef Henry created a masterpiece by incorporating elements of the burger from Bend, Oregon, making it unique to Ryan Dempster and Goose Island.


The partnership between Ryan Dempster and Goose Island allows the 22q Family Foundation to benefit from the burger and the entire project. All proceeds from the sale of the burgers go to the organization.

For those who do not know the charity: The mission of the 22q Family Foundation is to increase awareness of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and to connect, support and provide accurate information to families affected by this disease. The next question is what kind of disorder is it?

22q11.2 deletion syndrome is a condition caused by a small piece of chromosome 22 being missing. According to the foundation’s website, the 22q protein 200 can cause mild to severe health and developmental problems in children. It is considered the second most common genetic disorder, just after Down syndrome, and most people have never heard of 22q.

22q is thought to be responsible for growth retardation, nutritional problems, congenital heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, severe respiratory problems, cranial clefts and problems, calcium deficiencies, immune deficiencies, kidney problems, and skeletal abnormalities. This list also includes the possibility of language, developmental and cognitive delays, as well as ADHD, autism and many anxiety disorders.

For more information and to find out how you can help, and to learn more about 22q and the excellent work of the 22q Family Foundation, visit their website.

Cooperative thinking

All in all, this collaboration is a real success (pun intended). For starters, the burger is incredible. After trying it myself, I will definitely be getting another one before the end of the month. Crispy prosciutto complements the perfectly caramelized onions and, along with bone marrow butter and Goose IPA aioli, makes a delicious dish. Chef Henry knocked this burger out of the park!

As for the purpose and inspiration, it’s a no-brainer. 22q is a foundation that Ryan Dempster holds dear, and a citizen presenting his show on Marquee Sports Network at the same time as the foundation is ultimately a perfect partnership.

Be sure to visit the 22q Family Foundation to learn more about 22q! Also, head to the Goose Island Clybourn Brewhouse to try the Off the Mound Burger and the Crowler before it sells out!

Look forward to more articles on Goose Island in the near future.


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