Sammy Sosa is one of the biggest kittens who ever wore blue stripes. It is one of the ten best franchisees in the history of the franchise system in various offensive categories: WAR (6. – 58.8), Cork % (2. – 569), OPS (2. – 2. – 2. 1928), Hits (9. – 1,985), Milesages (6. – 1,245), RBI (3. – 1,414) and Walks (6. – 798).

Sosa is also the absolute leader in the home run franchise, scoring 545 goals during the Cubs game, an achievement that earned him the nickname Slammy Slammy. Despite the inelegant end of the Kabs’ career and the fact that many believe in the game that he cheated several times, Sosa is still loved by many Kabs fans.

Given all his contradictions and his status as a polarizing figure in the sport, it is hard to deny that Sosa has provided Cubs fans year after year with an exciting and record-breaking baseball experience that we will never forget.

On the 12th. In November, when Sose turned 52, Joe Kilgalon, Schwartzzi’s grandfather and I broke – in chronological order – our 21st most memorable moment on the north side.

№ 1 – 30. March 1992: The Cubs exchanged George Bell for the White Sox for Sammy Sosa and Ken Patterson.

Larry Hymes replaced Jim Frey as general manager of the Cubs after the 1991 season. Hymes is the same GM that Sosa bought from the Texas Rangers when he had held the same position with the White Sox a few years earlier.

The clock would have done 0.240/.274/.396 for two seasons with the Sox and Sammy would have done 0.284/.358/.569 for 13 seasons with the Cubs. Good deal for the North Siders.

No 2 – Season 1993: Sammy takes the starting spot in the right field of Andre Dawson’s favorite fan,.

The 1993 season was the first time that Sosa became the good outfield player of the Kabs and the boy had big shoes to fill. Andre Dawson’s favorite fan was a five-time Cubs star, but he signed with the Red Sox for the 1993 season.

It was time for Sammy to shine when he took the lead in the Russian Federation and not look back on 13 seasons. In the 1993 season, Sosa defeated .269/.309/.485.

No 3 – 30. June 1998: Soot explosions 20. Home Run for one monthJune

When he left in June 1998, Sammy only made 13 home runs and was 14 times behind Mark McGuire. But during this epic in June, Sosa became the record holder with 20 home runs. In July, Sosa had started the famous 1998 home run and only four McGwire home runs were at stake.

Sosa’s 20 home runs in June are always the record for most home runs in a calendar month.

No 4 – 13. September 1998: Sammy Sosa breaks Maris’ record and scores home games 61 & 62

Mark McGuire was 62nd. Home run five days before Sosa, but he had a little rest on his home run. This allowed Sammy to catch him and nail him with two home runs, the last of which broke the previous record of Roger Maris. So far, both McGuire and Sosa have made 62 home runs.

Plus, that home run helped the Cubs win baseball. She tied the ninth set and set up Mark Grace for a possible home run.

No 5 – 28. September 1998: Two noses and two runs help the Cubs beat the Giants in a wildcard game of the National League tibbraker

The Cubs and Giants came together at Wrigley Field to determine the winner of the 1998 Wild Card in Los Angeles. In the end, Sosa played an important role in the Cubs’ 5-3 victory by delivering a few singles and running baseball.

His successes came in the sixth and eighth rounds, two opening rounds that led to a jog in each round. In the future the Cubs will sweep the series Atlanta NL Division Braves.

№ 6 – 1998 Athletes of the year according to Sports Illustrated

Every year Sports Illustrated magazine selects an athlete or group of athletes as Athlete of the Year. The home run that made the names of Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa also made the cover of Sports Illustrated as Athletes of the Year.

The sauce was really at the top of the sports world:

Photo : Walter Yoosse Junior/Sport Illustrated

#7 – Sosa wins the home run of Derby 2000.

In 2000 Turner Field participated in the MLB All-Star weekend where Sammy Sosa won his first home run. He shot 26 long balls, 15 more than runner Ken Griffey Jr., who lost 9:2 to Sose in the last round. Below you can follow all home runs of Sosa:

Stay with us until the end of Sammy’s 21 most memorable moments in the next two days.

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