The Spalding TF-1000 is a basketball that is considered by many former players to be the favourite ball of all time. Of course you can associate it with a sense of nostalgia, but you can’t deny it was a quality ball. For some reason, Spalding decided some time ago to stop production of the TF-1000 and it wasn’t long before Wilson became the leading manufacturer of composite leather balls.

To everyone’s delight, Spalding has announced the new edition of the TF-1000, this time under the name TF-1000 Classic. Although Spalding promised that his favourite ZK composite cover would return, unfortunately the ball did not live up to his expectations.

The TF-1000 Classic (there is also a TF-1000 Legacy, which is very similar) costs about 50 dollars, which is quite typical for indoor basketball. This in contrast to the Evolution of Wilson, Baden Elite and The Rock, and these are just a few examples. So we expect a fairly similar feeling on the front page.


Spalding TF-1000 Classic indoor basketball ZK

Spalding TF-1000 Classic indoor basketball ZK

  • LEATHER COMPOSITE MATERIAL : ZK Microfibre composite ceiling, which becomes oily after a burglary
  • UPPER GRIP: Wide channel design for a comfortable grip
  • DESIGNED TO PERFORM: Rotationally balanced butyl bladder for optimal air retention and nylon covers for superior structural integrity
  • OFFICIAL SIZE: Size 7, 29.5
  • THE SCHOOL IS APPROVED: The NFHS (National Federation of Public High Schools Association) has approved the ball for CIF, Idaho and North Dakota, and the state has accepted it.

Instead, the TF-1000 Classic looks pretty cheap. It’s sticky, but it’s not as soft as the other balls in the room and, in comparison, it feels like it’s being rubbed.

The jump is also relatively flat. This can be a problem because you don’t want to pump the ball too hard, as this would reduce the softness of the ball.

One of the areas in which the TF-1000 Classic works well is sustainability. In fact, the original TF-1000 was a ball that would wear out quickly, and Spalding deliberately recycled the ZK composite cover to account for the increased strength. But if it turns out that these constructive changes are the cause of his bad grip and his bad feelings, was this change really justified? After all, if we wanted power, we’d just have to play basketball outside, wouldn’t we?

Even the design is somewhat disappointing. The original TF-1000 has a kind of vintage look by today’s standards, but the TF-1000 makes it clear that this is a retrospective version with the addition of the word classic.

In general, the TF-1000 Classic is a great disappointment, especially for those who die from the cruelty of the original fans. It’s as if Spalding is milking the name while pressing an inferior product. Other indoor basketballs in the same price category have a much better grip and bounce much better, and the new design does not quite do justice to the original.

I hope Spalding can become a serious option for composite leather basketball again. For the time being, they are making a good attempt to get cheaper rubber basketballs and official NBA game balls made of high-quality real leather, but they have little to offer the average player. The TF-1000 Classic will not exactly fill this space.

Evaluation : 3/5

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