Stephen Curry is one of the many NBA players expecting a heavy financial blow in the coming months. Because of the VIDOC-19 and the contract structures, a 32-year-old girl could lose almost 20 million dollars in 2020-21.

From 2017, Carrie signed a five-year contract with the Golden State Warriors worth 201.2 million dollars. According to the agreement, he would make $43 million in 2020-21, making him the highest paid player in the NBA. Chris Paul of Oklahoma City Thunder and Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets are in second place with 41.4 million dollars each. Then John Wall of the Washington Wizards and James Harden of Rocket climbed the top five with $41.3 million each.

According to the current CLA, a percentage of the players’ salaries is kept in a blocked account until the revenues of the league are reviewed. If the league exceeds the expected income at the end of the assessment, the money will be distributed to the players. When the NBA delays the income estimates, the money goes to the owners.

Since the NBA has done well financially in recent years, the money has generally always been returned to the players. But this year it’s different. Due to the poor condition of the competition, a down payment of 40% seems to have been made.

With a 40% deposit, a man like Curry, who should make $43 million next season, actually gets $25.8 million. While this is clearly more than enough to feed a family, it’s still a lot less than what the sniper thought he’d get when he closed his deal.


– Game 7 (@game7__) 30. October 2020

The situation is even worse with low paid players. Spencer Dinviddi signed a three-year contract with Brooklyn Networks for $34.4 million. In the years 2020-21 he has to pay 11.4 million dollars. With a 40% reliability plan, this figure is reduced to $6.8 million.

Carsen Edwards has accepted a four-year contract with the Boston Celtics to pay him over $4.5 million in total. He was supposed to receive $1.5 million next year. It will contribute $900,000 to a new 40 percent retention plan.

NBA players and owners are currently negotiating the start of next season. The second group wants to start at the end of December, the first at the end of January. This conversation is becoming more and more intense and will also have a huge impact on the salaries of the players who ultimately pay.

That’s how you celebrate Halloween.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 31. October 2020

Considering the difficulty of last season in terms of ratings and public sentiment, the union certainly hoped it would be easier. That hasn’t happened yet.

In the coming months, NBA owners and players will have to make some very difficult financial decisions. These decisions often have consequences that can extend over many years.

Will those involved feel good in the end? It looks more and more like it’s not happening.

That’s what it looks like: The exodus of the wrestlers: Why is Jason leaving Concepcion, Hayley O’Shaunessy?

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