Basketball players are spoilt for choice when it comes to indoor basketball. From the texture to the bounce, each basketball has a unique character that every player loves to talk about.

Indoor basketball should only be used on hardwood courts, as they wear out quickly when played outdoors. Their soft, leather-like qualities make them comfortable, but they don’t stand up well to rough surfaces.

For this article, we have compiled a list of the top 5 basketball players to help you choose the best indoor basketball. But before we dive into the list, let us give you an overview of the most important conditions you should consider when buying a basketball.

Coating material

Sporting goods manufacturers produce basketballs from rubber, composite material or natural leather.

Rubber basketballs are cheap but durable. Discount stores usually sell cheap rubber basketballs. They are not comfortable in the hand and do not have the texture and bounce of match balls. Consider rubber basketball for outdoor use only.

Composite leather basketballs are made of synthetic leather. They are softer than rubber basketballs and offer a better grip. A good leather composite basketball is similar to a real leather basketball, but it doesn’t cost as much. The game ball for the NCAA basketball tournament is made of composite leather.

Leather basketballs are the highest quality basketballs on the market. They have a run-in period, but after that their story is second to none. The official NBA ball is made of real full grain leather.

Good qualities of indoor basketball

Probably the most important thing: Basketball needs a good tackle. A lack of grip can make it difficult to catch, dribble and surrender the ball.

However, a better grip is not always the best. In 2006, the NBA replaced leather basketballs with composite leather basketballs. NBA players complained that the new basketballs had too much grip and in 2007 the old real leather basketballs returned.

Good basketball seems sweet. Light cushioning improves feel when receiving passes, dribbling and releasing the shot. Rubber and cheaper composite basketballs are usually too hard.

A good basketball is sticky, not slippery. They feel a little wet and sticky.

Finally, a good indoor basketball has a constant bounce. They bounce like an official ball game and bounce like you expect, every time. The seams and pebbles of a basketball can have a subtle effect on the bounce.

Our Top 5 Indoor Basketball Schoten

Let’s take a look at our top five recommendations for indoor basketball, in this order:

1. Wilson Evolution Indoor Match Ball

An indoor basketball that does everything right.

The Wilson Evolution is very popular in high school and college. It is the best-selling composite leather basketball on the market. In NCAA off-season tournaments, the Wilson Evolution is used more than any other basketball.

Wilson is known for its exciting, soft, almost buttery texture obtained from the microfiber composite lining. Most players love them, but some prefer the more natural feel of Spalding or Nike basketballs.

The gullies are gravelly, which gives them extra traction. And as you would expect from a basketball used in a competitive game, the basketball has excellent bounce resistance.

The wilson evolution is equipped with galvanic channel switching.

In terms of price, the Wilson Evolution has positioned itself in the middle of the elite basketball market. There are also several color options for those who want something unique.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with Wilson’s evolution. It’s perfect for training or competition and it won’t knock the bank over.

2. Baden Elite Basketball Indoor

Another great tamer with a constant bouncing action

The Baden Elite, another popular college basketball, is Baden’s top-of-the-line composite leather offering.

Baden has designed a composite roofing system with more adhesive strength and more anchoring points. In terms of feel, it’s similar to Wilson’s evolution.

Moisture removal and the built-in throttle system are the two unique features. Moisture settles on it, giving it good moisture wicking properties (which is good for players with sweaty hands). At the same time, the low-profile flap allows for more precise takeoff and flight.

Baden Elite is of the same class as Wilson Evolution, which for most people comes down to a small matter of preference.

Message: For players who prefer a slightly smoother and less sticky leather texture, we recommend the Baden Elite’s little brother, the Baden Element cue ball. Many colleges also use the swim element, with the final decision being made by coaches or athletic directors.

Elite Basketball

3. Indoor basketball skirt

Top quality thanks to an independent brand

The Rock is an NFHS-rated basketball game owned by a relatively unknown household brand, John Stote’s Anaconda Sports. If someone calls The Rock, you can call them a basketball fan.

With its striking name and eye-catching font, The Rock stands out from the relatively modest offerings of the big sports brands.

Like the Wilson Evolution, the Rock features notched seams (channels) for a more consistent and versatile grip. While grooved channels naturally provide extra traction, the presence of stones provides even more traction.

After unpacking, the skirt is super sticky. It’s bouncy and doesn’t look flat or too bouncy.

Every basketball eventually wears out and loses its grip. But according to other people’s testimonials, the skirt seems to have excellent durability. How appropriate, for a basketball named The Rock!

John Stout designed The Rock as the best composite leather basketball. And it’s close. But since the price is a bit high, it is definitely reserved for amateurs.

4. X-Series Fused Basketball GG7X Indoor Basketball

A unique 12-panel design that was featured at the Olympics.

Molten is the official supplier of the ball in international FIBA competitions. Including the Olympics.

Molten’s GG7X X-Series indoor basket uses Molten’s unique 12-panel design, which means more channels (though narrower and shallower). If you like channeling, this basketball game might be for you.

Molten’s signature GIUGIARO cover design also helps players track the ball’s rotation.

The Fused X Series is the most different of all the basketballs on this list. The main reason is that the pebbles of the basket are symmetrically aligned!

Coherent waltz (left) vs. traditional random waltz (right)

The GG7X is a great ball, but the texture is a bit controversial. For some, it’s a bit too sticky and spongy, and generally a bit synthetic. We highly recommend that you try it before you buy it.

5. Spalding NBA Official Basketball Game

The official basketball, made of real leather, used by professionals.

No indoor basketball equipment would be complete without the official ball used in NBA games – the official NBA Spalding basketball.

It is the only real leather basketball on our list. If you have always wanted the feel of real leather, this is the right choice. Careful, it’s not cheap!

Real leather basketballs are getting harder to find, and the NBA even switched to composite leather basketballs for the 2006-07 season. And only after complaints from players did the NBA resume the use of natural leather today.

Frankly, it’s not the best choice for most people. Despite their price, genuine leather basketballs have a long break-in period. The NBA uses the Spalding rebound machine to break up basketballs before they are put on the court.

Shooting, dribbling and jumping with a real leather ball gives a special feeling. Every basketball player should play at least once in their life.

Other notifiable entries

Spalding TF-1000 Classic

At the time, Spalding’s TF-1000 was the worst.

Talk to any senior basketball player and he will sing nothing but praises about the original TF-1000. It had a perfect grip, grip and softness.

Spalding stopped production of the original TF-1000 (to the disappointment of many), but it resurfaced in 2015 as the Spalding TF-1000 Classic.

Unfortunately, the TF-1000 Classic is not the same. It is a good basketball that gets slippery when wet and suffers from many quality control issues.

Spalding may be the official supplier of NBA balls, but the reality is that their current quality for composite leather basketballs leaves a lot to be desired.

Wilson NCAA Basketball Replica (indoor/outdoor)

Indoor basketballs generally cost more than $50 and are not suitable for outdoor use.

Outdoor basketball may not be as soft and not have as good a grip, but it’s half the price and can be played on any court.

The Wilson NCAA replica game ball is our favorite budget option, especially for those who just want a quality ball for practice. It may not be the softest ball, but because it’s made of composite leather, it always has an edge over any rubber basketball.

Additional tips for buying

What is the best brand for basketball?

It’s a very subjective question because people have different preferences. Spalding and Wilson are clearly major players in the basketball market. But Nike, Molten and Baden also produced some of the highest rated basketballs.

Can you play outside with an indoor basketball?

It can be tempting to play basketball inside outside because they feel better and sometimes we don’t have any other options. However, indoor basketball should not be played outdoors because the soft outer layer tears easily. Instead, invest in a good basketball game outside.


For a good quality composite leather interior basketball, look to spend around $40 to $60.

Leather basketballs are much more expensive and cost upwards of $100.

Ball size

The official body size for men and boys 15 years and older, as determined by the official federations, is size 7. Size 7 basketballs have a circumference of 29.5 inches.

In women’s basketball leagues, slightly smaller size 6 basketballs are used. Size 6 basketballs measure 28.5 inches all around.

Young basketball players can practice with standard youth (11 and under) size 5 basketball. These balls have a circumference of 27.5 inches. Options may be more limited to this size.

Bale weight

As you can probably imagine, the weight of the basketball affects everything from your shots to your dribbling. Look for basketballs with official weights. Every basketball on our list has an official weight.

Inflation of the new basketball

New basketballs are usually inflated, but you should use a ball pump to bring the air pressure up to the recommended 7 to 9 PSI.

No one can magically determine air pressure if your pump is not equipped with a pressure gauge (as in this case with Under Armour), so use the following rule instead:

Raise the ball to face level and drop it in freefall. If you need to bounce around your waist. If he goes any higher, the bullet will overflow. Below the waist and it should be a little more inflated.

frequently asked questions

What is the best indoor basketball game?

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What is the best basketball you can buy?

The 9 best basketballs of 2021 – Verywell Fit.

Wilson or Spalding is better?

So what’s the best basketball for you? There are a lot of good basketballs to choose from. If you want a durable ball for beginners, the Wilson NCAA replica is an excellent choice. … If you have more money and want the best basketball, the official NBA Spalding ball is the solution.

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