The bears have just lost to the Lions and the fan base has completely melted away. If the average Bears fan had had a 24-hour plague day with George McCaskey, the Bears wouldn’t have enough players/coaches to face the Texas team on Sunday. The team will be complete and a new dome-shaped stadium will be built in Arlington Heights. It’s a common reaction when you bring your favorite bears from Chicago to the south, but this time it’s a little different.

Matt Nagy, Khalil Mack and the 2018 Bears have given the fange community hope again. The Bears nation has seen countless GMs, coaches and quarterbacks come and go, and it looks like they finally did everything right. Ryan Pace’s five-year plan called for four years, Matt Nagy was a guru and Mitchell Trubisky was the only thing outstanding after 2018. It tends in a better direction, but the consensus is that the Bears cannot go to the Super Bowl unless Trubsky takes the next step.

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As we know, this step never took place and led to a pure rift between the truth and the Nagim Stans (Anti-Truth). When Patrick Mahomez exploded on stage, an anti-passing faction was formed and has flourished ever since. Every time the bears make an awkward attempt, a new faction forms that points the finger. These factions have joined forces and now the Twitter bears look like Captain America: The civil war. Honestly, it’s difficult to follow the situation, but I’ll try to give a brief description of the war.

Truthers and Ryan Pace Friendlies were supposed to be working together and they’ve had a beating since 2019, but after Nick Falls’ experience, they got a little redemption. That’s not to say that Mitchell Trubisky is a good quarterback, it’s just clear that the attack works better from Trubisky’s point of view. When the Truths see Matt Nagy looking at the bears, they can’t help but think: Did Matt Nagy ruin Mitchell Trumpet’s bear career? This led to the speculation that Patrick Mahoms would not be a big bear. Although I think it’s going too far, the idea behind it has some validity.

Accompanying note : Most truths include friendships of rhythm. The logic is that you either recruited a quarterback who can’t play, or hired a coach who couldn’t develop him. Most paths lead to hatred of Ryan Pace. The Pace Friendlies are currently tripping as Nate Robinson after his boxing debut.

It is clear that such a sharp cuff can provoke warm reactions. Sometimes I like to wake up sleeping animals, which I call anti-treaters. Every time you see that Nagy could not develop Mitchell’s trumpet or that Patrick Mahoms would not be so good in the Bears, you will see that Patrick Mahoms was the best candidate for the role of Mitchell’s trumpeter. It’s a little funny, and I thought we’d end this fight in 2019. Patrick Mahomez was considered a high-profile project and the Bears missed Deshawn Watson. It’s not an opinion, it’s just facts.

The table below shows the preliminary assessments of Mitchell Trubisky, Deshawn Watson and Patrick Mahomez and the sources from which they have been drawn.

As you can see, these are not random bear bloggers, but rather projects to rank interested parties. Mike Mayok, ESPN, PFF, Matt Miller and SB Nation posted Mitchell Trumpets on Patrick Mahomez. Sports Illustrated is the only big station where Patrick Mahomez is higher than Mitchell Trubisky and is at the lowest level. It should also be noted that the IS was only Mahomez (38) two places higher than Trubisky (40). Once all this was said and done, none of these perspectives could be placed in the top ten of any of the selection committees. It’s a common phenomenon. Most quarterbacks in the first round reach their preliminary standings, but the importance of the position puts them offside. The best prepared quarterback was Deshon Watson, which was reflected in the preliminary evaluation. The quarterback with another better design score was Mitchell Pipes, but the real question is why?

Mitchell Trubisky had a limited sample at the college, allowing for less accurate growth expectations. Trubsky was seen as a project with great potential, just like Mahomez, but with less harmful habits that needed to be eliminated. Don’t get me wrong, Patrick Mahomez pointed that out at Texas Tech, but think about what’s changed since he joined the league. If you would have seen the quarterback roll to the left 20 years ago and tried to throw the ball past the starboard hash, he would have been to port. That’s what you see Patrick Mahoms doing every week. It doesn’t look like Patrick Mahomez is the first semi-mobile Buy More who defies his luck and throws his side arm. Russell Wilson is the most relevant and the best example, but he’s been drinking for decades.

Photo: David Ailitt/Getty Images

Quarterback passes reach the quarterback more effectively, while university quarterbacks read the defense to their coaches. Professional quarterbacks are on the list of endangered species. The treatment of the bag is not as efficient as it used to be and you need a quarterback who can get away with it, but puts his hand in front of his feet.

We’ve seen for years that progressive organizations are trying to find this player, and in most cases they don’t have time to find him. It’s easy to find a quarterback who brings some of these properties to college, but the one who has all of these properties is the first choice. Patrick Mahoms didn’t do it. Andy Reed took the elusive shooter and gave him an elegant way of thinking. They formed the perfect marriage and brought a new NFL prototype to the world. Ten teams wouldn’t have missed this perspective in the project, not when they were looking for so long.

Would Patrick Mahomez be the same quarterback if the bears had dressed him? I’m not gonna do that. Would Patrick Mahomez be more successful in Chicago than Mitchell Trumpets? Probably. The reality is that no one can ever be sure, but we do know that Patrick Mahoms is happy to be the leader. We tend to forget that Deshawn Kaiser was ranked higher than Mahomei in most recruitment committees. Remember when everyone thought the chiefs loved Alex Smith’s deal and doubted the chiefs’ attack? Visual acuity is still 20/20.

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