For as long as I can remember, the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions have been part of the NFL Thanksgiving tradition. A couple of years ago, the league added a third game to the soccer schedule on Thursday night. This NFL tradition has produced many different results over the years.

There were times when the Lions and cowboys played each other during the regular season and Thanksgiving games were great. In the course of history some mistakes have been made and it is time for a change. Before proposing these changes, let’s take a walk through memory and go back to some of those memorable and not so memorable games.

Good: 1994 Dallas Cowboys 42, Green Bay Packers 31

Photo : Joseph Patronage/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys finished the 1994 season at the top of the NFC East Division with a final record of 12-4. One of the greatest successes in achieving this record has been the return of victory over the Packers on Thanksgiving. Troy Aikman’s Hall of Fame quarterback was unavailable for this game due to an injury. Who should lead the Cowboys in this big game against the talented Packers? You guessed it: Jason Garrett, the future head coach of the Cowboys and a crackerjack.

In the first half the Cowboys went down 17-3 and only managed to score the second goal in the break. In the first half, the American team scored a terrible six points, and it wasn’t pretty. In the second half, the Cowboys took the lead, defeated the Packers with 36:14 and won with a final score of 42:31.

Sterling Sharpe’s Wide Receiver had a hell of a day when he caught all four of Brett Favre’s touchdowns and prepared them for over 100 yards. Running back Emmitt Smith led the team with over 130 fast meters and two touchdowns. Jason Garrett may have caught up with Favor, but he did more than 300 metres, plus two points. It was a return to the centuries that will always be remembered.

The two teams met again in the NFC division final, where Dallas Green Bay 35-9 was demolished.

Poor: 2012 Patriots of New England 49, New York Jets 19 – TheButt Game

picture : Robert German/U.S. Monday

The Thanksgiving tradition of NFL football works magic when we see the above mentioned games, like in Dallas and Green Bay. Looks like we have a real stench in our program every year. Join the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

The Patriots lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl and the Jets set a record of 8 to 8 last season. Even before the start of the season, no one expected it to be a phenomenal Thanksgiving game. This game was dictated exclusively by the NFL ranking officials. The driving force behind this decision was undoubtedly the team’s market, and the fans suffered from this indulgence – something like that.

This game ended at halftime. In the second quarter alone the Patriots scored 35 points without a match. Tom Brady threw touchdowns at Wes Welker, Shane Verin and Julian Edelman. The other two points came from defence and special forces teams, including the infamous Marc Sanchez.

In the second half, the Jets scored a few points and the Patriots increased their lead with one of Tom Brady’s legendary one-yard touchdowns. This game has never been so tight. It shouldn’t have been planned for the peak hours: Soccer Thursday night on Thanksgiving. The only thing that saved this game was the cheeky grape of this hype. After a long weekend everyone was talking about a water fountain on Monday morning.

Thanksgiving Soccer 2020

In 2020 we will have three typical races, including Dallas and Detroit. Dallas has been a mess this season. They were injured by Duck Prescott and then Andy Dalton. The whole east side of the NFC was full of garbage this season. Dallas has been in prime time three times for this game and has been in prime time two more times after.

You’re meeting the Washington football team at this show on NFC East Thanksgiving. Washington has been terrible with its own problems this year. It’s fair to say that the entire NFL fandom has seen enough NFC East this season.

The Detroit Lions’ tradition of sitting at the foot of the NFC North Side and playing during Thanksgiving continues as they meet the Houstonians from Texas. Without Jaguar, the Texans would be at the bottom of the AFC south stand. As much as I love Deshawn Watson and J.J. Ouate, the Lions should beat them easily. There’s no intrigue in this game. None of the teams fight for their league. None of the teams will make the playoffs. This game stank in creation, thanks to a very disappointing year in Texas.

The Thursday night soccer game is the most exciting. The Baltimore Rooks are taking over the steelworks in Pittsburgh. Both teams watched with joy and will have to fight for the AFC North Crown until the end. Personally, I’m looking forward to playing this game, but here’s my problem:

If soccer starts on Thursday night, who doesn’t really sleep in a turkey?

The Thanksgiving celebration in 2020 will be different than previous years, but let’s assume that people are together during the holidays. Why would we football fans watch two shitty games during the day? Do they expect us not to exaggerate with the Thanksgiving dinner and wake up with the only good game of the year?

My offer: New Harvest Festival Tradition

In the spirit of appealing to fans with a real show, I propose this to Roger Goodell and the NFL:

Never mind the Thanksgiving soccer games. The Flex Sunday after Thanksgiving games are the most fascinating of these places. Don’t forget the ratings. Tell three incredibly interesting stories to fans who can’t watch all the games on Sunday.

The game Chiefs Pirates of Chargers / Accounts will be much more tempting than this year’s first games. I would also like to see the Colta/Titana game, although they recently played soccer on Thursday night.

This offer is nothing more than a wish, because the chances of the NFL doing such a thing are negligible. Maybe one day the competition will change its Thanksgiving schedule, but it won’t last long. I hope one day it becomes a Thanksgiving tradition.

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