In the last song of the Cubs On Tap podcast the name Thomas Diamond was mentioned in the conversation. What happened to him?

The eight K’s of Alec Mills were the most titled of the #Cubs after Thomas Diamond in third place. August 10, 2010 from August 10, 2010. We need to find a T-shirt.

– Bruce Miles (@BruceMiles2112) 24. August 2018.

Welcome to the new issue of Where They Are Now.

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit the country, I started writing about the old Kabbah to fill the void in the non-sport field. The series Where Are They Now brings together stories about these actors, memories of their time in the North End and what they have done so far (if this information is available). When the off-season started, I decided to bring her back. If you missed last week’s song about Tony Campana, be sure to take a look at it.

No, I’m not looking for Thomas Ian Nicholas, YouTube. I’m looking for Chicago Cub’s legend, Thomas Diamond.

If you search for Diamond on YouTube, you’ll often find an adult character version of Rookie Of The Year’s Henry Rowengartner, 11-year-old Diamond Minor League videos and a series of music videos by Rob Thomas.

But where’s Diamond now? What has he done since his unforgettable debut, when he defeated ten Milwaukee brewers?

In 2017 it was included in Archbishop Rummel’s infamous Hall of Fame. I’m sure his school is very proud of a former league pitcher in the lobby.

Diamond base: Ranger

The diamond was assembled by the Texas Ranger at the tenth general meeting in 2004. He, Edison Volkes and John Danks became known as the DVDs, the three best pitchers in the Ranger Farm system.

The right side soon entered the Junior Rangers’ system and dominated the Northwest and Midwest leagues in 2004.

According to his Wikipedia page, Diamond almost fought an entire Oakland Athletics Junior League team for laughing at him during an instructional game where he tripped and fell on a hill in an attempt to pick up a pickup.

Then he repeatedly threatened to put bullets in their heads if they kept laughing. He seems like a nice guy at parties.

I couldn’t find the videos on the Internet. If someone falls on it in any way, send me a DM-Twitter (@CodyOnTap). I want this script played for my own pleasure.

In 2005 the diamond was named Youth Ranger League pitcher of the year by Nolan Ryan and won the Futures Game Award. Baseball America placed him third in the Rangers’ farm system and 52nd in all of baseball.

After leading the Texas league in hitting in 2006, he was hit by an injury that led to Tommy John’s surgery as the 2007 spring training season approached.

Diamond base: Cubs

The diamond was nominated by the rangers in September 2009. The Cubs chose him as an exception.

He went back on his word in 2010 in Triple-A Iowa, where he dominated the Pacific Coast League. At the start, 21 Diamond placed with 3.16 ERA with 1.22 WHIP and 8.6 K/9.

On the third. In August 2010, he made his debut in the first division, winning six sets and scoring ten points. It’s the best overall score for the Cubs’ pitcher, who made his division one debut since Mark Pryer. To this day, both are trapped in a franchise case.

It’s always fun to get a link to Thomas Diamond by playing @Cubs. Such an incredible jar. Injuries can indeed be fatal, but some people will not even get a TD in the short term in 2010. That first game against Milwaukee was so much fun, it was so much fun.

– Sean (@UNO private) 25. August 2018.

Diamond earned his first and only victory in the first division as a pitcher with relief at 1. September and beat the Cubs 5-3.

He completed 29 runs for the Cubs and reached 1:3 and 6.83 ERA in 16 appearances, including three starts.

He had never recorded a hit before, but with a record eight gigs in his career, Diamond found a way to make a single run that resulted in his only hit. Diamond ended his career 0-7 with six losses. But he counted a moment. He has more moves in the big leagues than I do.


The diamond was released by Cubami in June 2011 after the battle of Troika A. Shortly after he signed a contract with the twins. He never re-enrolled in the classes.

What’s he doing now?

It’s impossible to know what the diamond does. He’s really good at staying away from the net. I believe he returned with his wife and son to the outskirts of his home town of Metairi, Louisiana. But wherever he is and whatever he does in 2020, his name is still at the top of the charts and in Archbishop Rummel’s Hall of Fame in high school.

If you have a Cubs player from the past and want to know more about him, tweet him at @CodyOnTap.

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