In recent years the White Sox have masterfully found rough diamonds to finance their Bullpen scholarships. In fact, most Sox fans are likely to say that this is their strength during the reconstruction in 2016-2019. In the abridged season 2020, the White Sox scored 3.76 ERA (seventh place on MLB) and 3.98 FIP (eighth place on MLB).

But the few mistakes they identified in the Wild Card series against the Oakland A team. The White Sox rose to 12th place in the MLB ranking for K-BB% by 15.1% and to 10th place for SIERA by 4.01 (Skilled-Interactive Earned Run Average). Like the PIF, the SIERA eliminates factors that the pitchers cannot control, but which are adapted to the type of ball that is hit (flight balls, balls with ground, etc.).

The free agent market doesn’t seem to offer many opportunities in this low season, but there are both family members and fake faces available. Once Alex Colome becomes a free agent, the White Sox will either have to rewrite him or decide who will replace him.

Alex Kolome

picture : Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Alex Colome had an excellent 2020 season, as his 0.81 ERA and 52.4% GB% were fantastic. Moreover, the periphery (output speed, firing speed and percentage of guns) was close to the elite.

To re-sign Colome, the White Sox will have to consider MLB’s qualifying bid, which has risen to $18.9 million this season. As Coloma will be running for 32 years this low season, this decision will be taken in the coming months. Is it worth $18.9 million for the 2021 season? In case of a tight budget, the White Sox may object, and the other positions they need (starting field, correct field and assigned batter) will probably be given priority.

However, if the Sox think Colome can build on last season’s success, it would make more sense for the team to give him a two- or three-year contract to transfer money to other positions. Colome did a great job during his tenure as White Sox, but there are other options if you can’t negotiate with him.

Kirby Yates

picture : Jake Roth/USA Today Sports

Yates has been a fantastic relief for a couple of years now, but for this last season with the rise of the San Diego Padres few people have paid attention to him. By comparison: Yates was probably the best baseball player of all time in 2019, but he was suspended in 2020 after doctors found loose bone fragments in his throwing arm. He should be fine now because the surgery didn’t need a ligament or tendon repair, but one of the drawbacks is that Yates is 33 years old.

Given the positive results, it reached 100% in xERA, 99% as a percentage of the radiation and 94% as a percentage of the vessel. If you join forces with 1.19 ERA’s and 1.30 PIF’s in 2019, this elite will get closer. Yates can resign from the Padras, but if he’s available, the White Sox should call him immediately.

Here’s an overlay of Yates’ speed ball against another speed ball:

Joakim Soria

Photo : Marcio José Sanchez/AP

It’s a well-known name for the believers on the south side: Joakim Soria. The actual field appeared in 40 games for the White Sox in 2018, after which the club exchanged the Brewers for Cody Medeiros and Wilber Perez. In the end, the White Sox nominated Medeiros for the nomination, so that the agreement was successfully concluded.

However, the club can strengthen the rearguard by drawing Soria this winter. Soria has done an excellent job in limiting difficult contacts, as shown by the score of 94% of the barrels. The White Sox love this quality in their pitchers (i.e. Dallas Koichel and Dane Dunning), so it makes sense to bring Soria back. It’s a 36-year story, but he’s been consistent throughout his career. Probably doesn’t even have to break the bank to resign from Soria.

Liam Hendricks

Photos : Carl-Mondon/Bay Regional Information Group

Hendricks was the best approach for the shortened season 2020. His elite 1.78 ERA and 1.14 FIP placed him at the top of the free agent market this off-season. Just like his teammate Joakim Soria, he never misses a home run (0.36/9 IP). It’s something to keep in mind when looking at the jugs that the White Sox prefer in a free desk, because they were associated with Markus Stroman in the past.

However, the Hendriks will probably get the largest order available on the open market. If the White Sox only have a limited budget to launch it, it would make more sense to use this money for the starting pitcher. But if they can land Hendricks somehow for a decent price, then all the fans should be happy. He’s a great pitcher.

Blake’s Tignes

picture : Rob Carr/Getty Images

Trains are the elite in weak contact stimulation and rank 92nd in terms of output speed. The percentage of his strikes fell from 2019 to 2020, but so did his walking percentage. Finally Traynen throws several rockets, because his average fast food watch is 97 MPh. When the pitcher hits a duel that results in a weak contact and a hard throw, he does something good. 2019 was a better year for Trains after 2018, the year in his career in which he earned an ERA of .78. It will be a welcome addition to any team.

Here’s a glimpse of Train’s deception:

Yusmeiro Small

Photos : Daniel Shira/MLB imagery through Getty Images

Petey enters the 2021 season at the age of 37. The past eight seasons, he played regularly for four teams and spent time with the Giants, Nationals, Angels and Athletics. His average of 88 MPH Fastball in 2020 shows at least a long lifespan in his career. The percentage of their strain increased to 10.6% in 2021, but this may be due to the small sample size. In recent years it has even risen by 7 to 8%. Small is a reliable option for the Bullpen that the Sox can get at a lower price. Given his age, it would be wise not to enter into a larger contract with him.

Keene Kela

picture : Mitchell Layton/Getty Pictures

Kela has been sidelined until 2020 due to KOVID-19 and forearm problems, but will be available through a free agency in 2021. These are two major obstacles that must be overcome because even doctors are not sure of the long-term effects of VIDOC-19. However, Kela was fantastic when he saw the field in 2019 and scored 2.12 ERA and 3.52 FIP for 29.2 sets.

Kela’s had a hanging problem in the past, so we need to keep an eye on that. He also worked on shoulder complaints in 2019. This could be a good option for the White Sox with a 28-year-old Reiver. If the price is right, the White Sox has to jump him on his right arm.

Jake McGee

photos: Mark J. Terrill/AP

McGee is the first left on that list. The Bullpen White Sox were strong through the 2020 campaign, but with Aaron Bummer on the mid-season injury list, they were unhealthy for pitchers who could throw them with a left-handed advantage. Gio Gonzalez was virtually nonexistent throughout the season, so Jace Frye was virtually the only prominent left-hander for most of the regular season, until burglar Garrett Hook got a call on the show.

In 2020, McGee gave up almost all his fastballs, putting him in 99th place in the depreciation rates ranking. However, his statistics may have been a bit exaggerated, because it was absolutely terrible and caused a bad contact (1st percentile of the output speed at 92.3 MPH). Unfortunately, McGee is a better pitcher against the right in his career, so he can’t be perfect as one of the only lefties in the White Sox’s paddock.

Aaron Lu

Photos : Flies to Vragovich/Bay or Tampere

Lupe, another option on the south deck of the pen, is shown with a slash of 0.233/.302/.320 against the left. It’s almost McGee’s antithesis, because he only throws out 92 pgm, using mostly perpendicular bob and torches. The magnifying glass also reduces the average number of serious consequences, as shown by the exit rate of 86.9 MPG in 2020. He’s much more suited to the White Sox office than McGee. Lou FIP 3.50’s career has shown constant consistency over the years. When the White Sox is aiming at the left side of the terrain, keep an eye on Aaron Loop.

The White Sox have the ability to score a point in 2021 and can do so by building on the strengths of their oxen. Theoretically, they could add the left hand and the tighter hand, but this is more likely than both, as they would have to allocate resources at the beginning of the table and the empty right hand. After signing the Bullpen Arms sign at the top, other free agencies are relatively rare, so sooner or later the Sox will have to address their capabilities.

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